Scholarships for Foreign Researchers 2020

Scholarships for Foreign Researchers consist of financial support for an internship of 3 (three) months, in a specialized institution in Romania, in order to develop a paper that discusses topics related to various spheres of Romanian society. The program is dedicated to academic improvement, targeting both PhD students working on a Romanian topic, for the preparation of doctoral theses, and well-known researchers. The selection is made by an independent commission of specialists based on the received application files. The application file must contain, among others, the recommendation from the coordinator of the doctoral thesis (as appropriate).

Number of scholarships awarded annually: 3 (three)

Scholarship duration: 3 (three) months

Areas for which the evaluation and selection are organized: research and documentation in the fields stated in Art. 4, Chapter II of the General Regulation for granting scholarships for research and documentation and other forms of material support.

Deadline for submission of applications: 31 May 2020.

Amounts awarded: 5000 euro / scholarship.

Documents required for registration (scholarship application file):

a. the registration form;

b. CV;

c. copy of the identity card / passport;

d. a research project;

e. 2 (two) letters of recommendation (from the coordinator of the paper and from another teacher, preferably a specialist on the proposed topic);

f. copies printed after the studies published in the last 2 (two) years in a recognized journal in the research field chosen by the candidate;

g. a work plan during the period for which the scholarship is requested;

h. in the case of doctoral students, copies of official documents certifying participation in an accredited doctoral program.

The documentation will be written in English. The candidate can also use the Romanian language in drafting the research project, insofar as it proves that he has advanced knowledge of the language.