Wild Eyes At The Zoo In Ramnicu Valcea

See here a movie made by first graders at this Zoo

In order to allow visitors to "experience the shock of looking into the eyes of the jaguar, lion, or bear, all of which are ready to charge," the zoo of Ramnicu Valcea is being modernized. This was made really clear by its director, Petre Niţu, in an interview he gave to Elena Enescu and Dan Nicolaescu, published by Curierul de Ramnic on October 17, 2008. Because the "eyes of a wild animal not only give you the chills, but also adrenalin," Mr. Niţu pointed out. Asked about the way this zoo is being modernized, the director explains "the food and the accommodation for most species are being improved," and the "zoo will soon reach European standards in every respect." There are "stoves to keep the animals warm in winter," but, also, the staff are "prepared for any and all emergency situations: for example, if an animal escapes, the staff are trained to intervene with weapons and tranquilizers." Also, the zoo has a "veterinary clinic with a surgery room and a pharmacy. Discussing the new species that are being brought in, the director mentioned "zebras, exotic birds, monkeys, and reptiles." Those will be added to the already existing "male tiger, lions, wolves, jaguars, polecats, hawks, owls, turtles, pigeons, and pheasants."As for education, the director explains that a book has been published “about this zoo” and some "booklets with explanations are being prepared." Also, the zoo "is building a school with a theater for kids to attend classes" and a "micro-reservation with Romanian plants and animals."

by Monica Voiculescu