What Do Children From The Year 2007 Want To See?

Children shows producer at Romanian TV (ABC…Why?)

If we were to take for granted the cartoons shown on TV channels, we should start to weep. All we see are super-heroes, hysterical girls, violence and characters permanently ready to fart or to burp... that's what amuses most kids. So, it is no wonder they all try to imitate the "behavior" of their animated idols. But, if you offer them something nice and cute, they instantly remember that they're still children and that they need caring and understanding (things they often lack in their families)... Children have imagination and innocence; they are willing to believe everything and ready to become attached to marionettes (even if they know they are only puppets made of wood), to talk to them, to send them letters and e-mails. You only have to know how to put the issue, how to talk to them, to get in their minds and see what they would want to find out, what troubles they have and what wishes. I think this is the "craft" of making shows for children. You must not bore them by expressing things in a didactic manner; you must not tell them that they must learn or follow rules. If they feel this is your intention they will surely reject the idea and the show. Children want to communicate – that's why the most appreciated shows are the interactive ones, in which they have the possibility to intervene and to express their opinion or can participate in all sorts of contests. Kids need local heroes – whom they can reach easier than cartoon characters. What saddens me is that, although I've been producing children shows for years, I failed to change the mentality of the decision-makers in charge of TV programs; to convince them how important it is to keep in the children programs characters who are sympathized and who become real stars. Thus, we would create a link between generations, from which we would all benefit, family members and children program producers as well. Why I like making shows for children? Each subject, no matter how complicated it might be, can be "translated" in a plain and casual way. All you have to do is put your imagination at work and find the story in which to pack the information. This thing makes me always active and always trying to break the routine, that would appear if I made other kinds of shows. I always manage to gather around me a team, people who commit themselves totally, to be more specific. Most of them are women, and many of them have children at home, who sometimes become our "advisers."

by Steluţa Matios