The Hunting Museum In Posada: A Sanctuary Of Trophies

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I do not believe that anyone could have found a better place, a better lodge for a hunting museum than the one in Posada. Visitors feel this is a wonderful sanctuary of hunting trophies, which, in all likelihood, makes even the most exigent critic happy. In the Posada Museum, everything is placed in order, according to the norms regulating such lodgings, and, after walking through its halls, you feel that somebody, somewhere has done his utmost and has gone out of his way to bring brilliance to the symbols of the Romanian hunting fauna the museum hosts. Likely, this happens because extremely valuable and old trophies are exhibited there. The oldest trophy in the museum is a Chamois shot by a Saxon hunter in the Fagaras Mountains in 1934. Another unique trophy is a stag shot in 2003. Plus the eight bear skins that have won gold medals and which belonged to Harghita bears shot in 1984.
Disappeared but exhibited
It is good to say a few words about some of the species that have disappeared from the Romanian fauna. First and foremost, the bison, which used to roam freely in Moldavia, but which disappeared when its freedom of movement was curtailed. Lucky that in 1950 or so they brought a few bison from Poland and now we have 100 bison as proud possessions in wildlife reserves. The males weigh a ton and the females 600 kilos. Another creature that has disappeared from our natural landscape because of mechanized agriculture and poaching is the bustard, but it can still be seen at the Posada Museum. Also, there are 6,000 mouflons (wild rams) imported from Corsica in wildlife reserves, and, of course, in this museum.
The organizers at Posada have added noblesse to the site with some specific ingredients: namely period furniture, old tile objects, expensive chandeliers, and equally valuable glassware and crystals. Apart from them, one may enjoy looking at, but not photographing, tapestries, carpets, paintings, silverware, and pottery from Austria, Germany, and China.The hunting museum also has essential items such as the arsenal of weapons used for hunting since the 17th century, including modern rifles, knives with beautiful adornments, and traditional hunting objects.
Ziarul de Prahova
, June 26, 2006
Translated by Monica Voiculescu

by Leon Chirilă