The European Danube Commission

The European Danube Commission (EDC) was founded following the Paris Peace Treaty of 1856, after the conclusion of the Crimean War. The Peace Treaty was signed by the great European powers previously engaged in military conflict: England, Austria, France, Italy, Prussia, Turkey, and Russia. At the end of war, the great powers decided on an array of political measures concerning the peace and security of certain states adjacent to the Danube stream located in the Eastern part of Europe, and on another set of technical measures with regard to Danube navigation notably at Sulina, where shallow navigable depths would not allow for trans-Danube flow of vessels transporting grain for export. By dint of the Paris Treaty text, is was decided that Sir Charles Augustus Hartley (1825-1915) fill the position of leader delegate to the EDC in the rank of Chief Engineer with the seat at Sulina. THE BRONZE PLAQUE OF SULINAAt the entrance to the Great Lighthouse monument at Sulina, there is a great bronze plaque that in an inscription documents the constitution act of The European Danube Commission – EDC. EDC, seated in Galatzi and Sulina, was active in Romania for 82 years (1856-1938). EDC acted as a body with an international statute as set forth in the Paris Peace Treaty, in biannual sessions, and in-between sessions, via a Permanent Council seated in Galatzi, made up of delegates of the seven signatory states with an advisory status. They were: Long-standing delegates to the European Danube Commission: Year Austria France England Germany Russia Italy Turkey Romania 4.11.1856 Boeke Engelhardt Stockes Bitter d'Offenburg d'Aste Omer P. - 26.04.1867 Kremer D'Avril Stockes S. Pierre D'Offenburg Susino A.Rassim - 01.08.1873 Schlechta D'Avril Gordon de Pfuel Zinoviev Berio Fahri - 01.09.1887 Boleslaw Reverseaux Sanderson de Pfuel Romanenko Riva Artur Ef. G. Ghika 19.05.1894 Gsiller Cogordan Sanderson A.Raffauf Lodigensky Tesi Azarian Pencovici 24.05.1894 Gsiller Cogordan Sanderson A.Raffauf Lodigensky Tesi Azarian Pencovici 18.11.1894 Gsiller Cogordan Sanderson A.Raffauf Lodigensky Tesi Azarian Pencovici 21.05.1895 Gsiller Sienkiewicz Col Trotter A.Raffauf Lodigensky Tesi Azarian Pencovici 30.10.1897 Borhek Paillard Col Trotter Loeher Lodigensky Tesi Azarian Pencovici 20.11.1901 Borhek Paillard Col Trotter Loehrer Lodigensky Pappa Azarian Pencovici 20.10.1902 Borhek Paillard