The Danube Delta In Romanian Stamps

The world of the Danube Delta was the subject of several philatelic issues: The Danube Delta Fauna (1957); Migratory Game (1965); The Great White Pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus, 1980); Protected Fauna – Sturgeons (1994); The Danube Delta (2004); The Eurasian Spoonbill (2006). Although the graphic achievements are better in the latest issues, I am only referring here to the older ones, for reasons disclosed below. 1957 means to Romanian collectors the beginning of change in the choice of themes – until then suffocated by ideology. One of the new – and very successful – themes was The Danube Delta Fauna. It was the third series that broke the molds imposed by the communist authorities on stamp issues until then. It was sought by collectors from all over the world and today it still is one of the best-quoted flora & fauna stamp series in Romania, and a frequent participant in national and international exhibitions. The next issue, Migratory Game, depicts the famous Great White Pelican on the background of the Danube Delta. Only this species is protected by law and therefore may not be hunted. The blunder was repaired by the 1990 European Nature Protection Year issue which brought back the image of the pelican to nature and stamp lovers.

by Sandu Alexandri