Teachings To Do Well And Thus Garner God's Mercy And Forbearance

from the Teachings of Prince Neagoe Basarab to His Son Teodosie At some point, time will thwart and jostle us unto the realm of things eternal and unalterable glory; for death betides this our life all the glory of which will turn to mockery and disgrace, since many of this world's victors and all-powerful have come to be judged right here, before their time, and were cast into the pitch-darkness of hell; and the judges were judged by those on whom they had passed judgment, and the rich got poor, the wise hastily and without much ado went mad, the mighty and virtuous weakened, the healthy fell ill; thus people will retain nothing good or true if they stray from the path of the Lord. Lads scorn their parents, and women relinquish their men and no longer heed them, nor men watch over the minds and thoughts of their wives; young girls disrespect older women, old folks and youths will always dote thusly you can no longer trust your friend or neighbor, nor dare converse with your brethren in peace, or make plans together for they will only think quarrelsome thoughts. Envy, deceit, injustice and garrulousness reign supreme in this world and nobody remembers the Lord or expects their own death. Thus evil deeds have multiplied so much that no one fears God or comprehends that it was He who endowed us with a mind in order that we may work out good things, but alas, we nurture mean and cunning ideas in our hearts. He has given us strength and riches for us to share with the needy, yet instead we vilify and scoff at the have-nots. He has put victory in our hands so that we wield it to safeguard and redeem the downtrodden, but instead we belabor and belittle the innocent. The righteous path, fair judgment, and love have vanished whilst envy thrives, kindness is baffled and scorned, spuriousness is glorified and revered… meek and humble wisdom is met with hate while haughtiness rides high; the truth has perished, and lies spread throughout the earth. Oh, the magnitude of God's kindness and patience! Even people's meanness and evil acts fail to anger Him. And despite His imminent power, He will not retaliate. He needs nothing, and therefore He takes pity on us like a Father, and showers upon us many more of His blessings! Neagoe BASARAB, ruler of Wallachia (1512-1521), was an educated and devout man (he founded many churches that endured to this day, and was a generous donor to Christian holy places). The teachings to his only son left alive, inspired from the Holy Scripture and various treatises, as well as from contemporary life, with all its political, military, diplomatic and moral aspects, follow the tradition laid down by Byzantine emperors.

by Neagoe Basarab (Voivode of Wallachia 1512-1521)