IN WHICH MOTHER TELLS SNIPPETY-SNAP THE STORY OF A WHINEY, ROWDY LITTLE BOY Around five o'clock, at dawn,When the other kids sleep on,He would regularly moan. What ails him, for goodness' sakeTo start moaning at daybreak?Well, at five he wants some cake. Give him cake, for goodness' sake.Yet at six he's wide awake – He appears to realizeThat at five he wasn't wise… At seven, once more, he's stroppy –He rejects his milk and coffee. He's at kindergarten now –Fights a girl and calls her "cow."Next he throws his toy away.He learns no lines for the playNeither does he help to clean,To the little ones he's mean.He complains the tea is wet,Says he's tired and goes to bed. How to please him? There's no way…He's unique, wouldn't you say? Ion Creangă, 1975

by Tiberiu Utan (1930-1994)