Romanian Cinema Inside Out: Insights on film culture, industry and politics (1912-2019), coord. Irina Trocan

Volum distins cu Premiul „George Litteraˮ ex-aequo (pentru carte de film), în cadrul Galei UCIN, desfășurate în data 21 septembrie 2020 la Sala Studio a Teatrului Național București (TNB).

Ediție în limba engleză, apărută la Editura ICR în cadrul festivalului EUROPALIA ROMÂNIA

Romanian Cinema Inside Out: Insights on film culture, industry and politics (1912-2019), coord. Irina Trocan

Cuprins/ Contents

Introduction - Irina Trocan

Videograms of a Nation

Romanian Independence: Filmmaking Controversies Meet Unshakable Patriotism - Irina Trocan

Looking Back in Anger: Post-socialist Narratives in the Romanian Documentary - Andra Petrescu

The Slow Break from Socialist Realism: Romanian Cinema in the Late 50s and Early 60s - Radu Toderici

On the Subtractive Modernism of the New Romanian Cinema. An interview with Dominique Nasta

Spotlighting the Peripheral

Female Filmmakers and Fiction Films: An Introduction to the Style and Stories Made by Women - Alex Mircioi

Romanian Socialist Teen Films of the 70s and 80s and State Ideology - Georgiana Vrăjitoru

Ethnographic and Observational Turn in Contemporary Roma Representations - Bogdan Iancu & Ileana Szasz

Female Sexuality and Male Power in the Cinema of the Transition Period - Iulia Popovici

Genre Filmmaking and Visual Pleasure

Creating a National Identity in Film: The Historical and Mythological Past in Romanian Cinema - Alexandru Vizitiu

Communist Comedies and the Invisible Hand of the Political – Georgiana Mușat

Romanian Animation: Digital Renaissance – Dana Duma

Romanian Science Fiction, between Cold War Hard Labor and Multimedial Compositing – Andrea Virginas

The Fine Print

Corneliu Porumboiu’s Realisms – Andrei State

Sex and Sexuality in Lucian Pintilie’s Carnival Scenes – Andrei Șendrea

Our Manager: The Myth and Era – Gabriela Filippi

History and Middle-Class Consciousness in Romanian Films of the 90s – Alex Cistelecan

Notes, Bibliography, About the authors, Romanian film screenings at the Europalia Festival

ISBN 978-973-577-744-9

296 p.