Romanian Cultural Institutes Network

Editorial project coordinators: Irina Ionescu, Ovidiu Dajbog-Miron, Raluca Doroftei
Edition: 2009
Translation into English: Alistair Ian Blyth, Daniela Oancea şi Brînduşa Ciugudean

The Directorate General for Romanian Cultural Institutes Abroad (DGRCIA) has launched the 2009 edition of the Romanian Cultural Institutes Network brochure. This year's edition brings together both an outline of the most important events unfolded in 2009 within the Romanian Cultural Institutes network and articles written by experts with whom DGRCIA closely collaborates. The brochure is bilingual (Romanian/English) and contains press reviews, interviews with internationally acclaimed Romanian creatives as well as indicative photos of the various activities set up by the 16 Romanian cultural institutes abroad and the one in Bucharest. The 2009 Romanian Cultural Institutes Network consolidates the ongoing strategy of DGRCIA to efficiently communicate the outcome of the activities organised within the Romanian Cultural Institutes Network to the public and the media.