"To many readers, what is permitted in the street, press, on television and even in other arts is not allowed to literature. The parent is not worried about the profusion of sexually explicit films broadcast on TV and deposited (with the pride of personal emancipation) in the personal video collection, but panics when confronted with the noxiousness of literature which, by approaching the theme, may compromise the education of the child. TV stations and newspapers that have been practicing sexual propaganda industriously, and with good results, are donning the armor when the literary page that may corrupt the mores of the student youth comes into play. I dare say that, in this distance, which I would regard as hypocrite if it weren't schizoid, one may see (apart from an indirect, naïve tribute, and perhaps apart from the obscure search for moral guidelines) the entire prejudice which says that literature is a high community representation where only choice subjects and words may appear."
Dilema veche
, September 2005

by Sanda Cordoş