Premiera britanică a filmului „BRAȘOV 1987. Doi ani prea devreme” la „Cinemateca românească”

We remember the courage of a city which in 1987 turned its exasperation into revolt, confronting head-on one of the harshest dictatorships in the world. 30 years after the anti-communist uprising in Brașov, a major city in central Romania, we are proud to host, at the Romanian Cinematheque, the British premiere of 'BRAȘOV 1987. Two Years too Early', a film depicting the dramatic events that brought the exasperated workers of a big truck company face to face with Nicolae Ceaușescu.

With introductory remarks by HE Dan Mihalache, the Ambassador of Romania, and a Q&A with Mr Sorin Mîndruțescu, the film’s producer and the founder of the Râșnov Film and History Festival.

'BRAȘOV 1987. Two Years too Early' is directed by Liviu Tofan and produced by Râșnov Festival in parternship with Romanian National Broadcast TVR, Braşov County Museum of History and with the support of the Brașov County Council.

In 1987, Romanians did not yet suspect the life-changing reversals that would take place a mere two years later: after nearly fifty years of communism, Romania, like the rest of Eastern Europe, would revolt against its dictator and become a democracy. In response to the surprising courage of the factory works, the regime did everything in its power to suppress knowledge of what was occuring in Brașov. Evidence was immediately disposed of and repressive measures were taken in order to invoke fear. The workers were condemned for ‘hooliganism’ and deported in various corners of the country.

In Romanian with English subtitles.

When: 16 November, 7pm
Where: RCI London

The entrance is free, but booking is essential here
(seats allocated on a first come, first served basis).