Pike Fishing World Champions

see article in Romanian Romanians have won the Pike Fishing World Cup!While electrical poachers were plundering the fishing grounds in the Danube Delta, 3000 km to the north, in Lapland, Romanian fishermen managed to demonstrate to their fellow countrymen that pikes may be something else than just carcasses stuffed with mayo and potatoes. What can be more beautiful than to be under the flag of your country, with no complexes specific to East-Europeans and to fight with the fierce pikes, as big as mongrels in the streets of Bucharest? Well, our boys fished exemplarily till the last minute of The Pike Fishing World Cup, organized on the lake shore Olstrasket, near the elegant town Sorsele, a cup that was eventually won by Adrian Spiac. This is the second successful feat of this kind; the first was in 2007, when Sabin Buzatu interrupted the hegemony of Lithuanians, a sort of Brazilians in pike fishing in Copa del Mondo style. Romanians are now considered to be among the best pike fishermen in the world. Academia Catavencu, 12-18 August, 2009 Translated by Fabiola Popa 

by Mălin Muşatescu