Paleochristian Funeral Art At Tomis

The hypogeum tomb with painted wallsIn 1988, the archeologists C. Chera and V. Lungu discovered, on the outskirts of the late Roman funeral necropolis, an underground construction with one room, which in specialized language is called hypogeum. As the underground entrance was blocked, they entered through the ceiling of the tomb, which, at the time of the discovery, was broken by the bucket of the excavator.Plan and section of the painted grave The northern wall and the ceiling The southern wall The western wall and the ceiling The western wall The eastern wall and the ceiling The entrance to the hypogeum tombThe tomb that contained three skeletons had been robbed. As a consequence, the funeral inventory was considerably diminished. The tomb dates from the middle of the 4th century A.D.The funeral ensemble is being restored, being intended for touristic purposes. The construction will be included in the basement of a luxury hotel. Translated by Ştefania Tarbu

by Petre Covacef