Mateiu Caragiale Par Lui-Même

NOTES HoroscopeFebruary 2, 1921, 18:00, at Margot'sVery, very proud, capable of dissimulating anything.Compulsive gambler with a fondness for women; extremely passionate, I run the risk of killing someone.I have inherited the intelligence and character of my mother.Impervious to influences, rebelling against education, which taught me nothing but superficial forms, politeness.I don't feel the need for friends, I am capable of not seeing anybody for months or seeing someone five times a day.A great connoisseur of people, I could draw up amazing portraits.I understand and I memorize fast but I do not make connections.I have a lucky gambler's hand; I cannot save money.I will not love a woman long.Greatly at loss because of a woman.My family feels morally guilty towards me.I will not stay long in Romania; I will go on numerous trips, and spend half of my life on a ship or on the road."(p.252) 

 DIARY Sionu, October 12, 1928 – On August 22 this year my coupé banner, green on yellow, was flown for the first time at Sionu. I look at it while I write these lines, and despite my age I am pleased to note that a few of my foremost wishes have come true, the most ardent in particular: that of having an estate. I have now a small and beautiful one that I shall keep per fas et nefas as long as I live. A beautiful day today, serene and warm; in the yard they husk the corn under my eyes; big gold heaps get lined up, growing bigger and bigger. I levy a toll. I feel good at my place in the countryside. I shall try to acclimate here the profound Italian rustic quietude. (p. 268)Sionu, November 3, 1928 – On November 1, the magazine Gandirea published the last part of Old-Court Philanderers. From the publication of the first part this work was received with unprecedented favor in the Romanian literature. I do not resent it for the harsh work and tiresome obsession it put me through: it is indeed magnificent. First dimly outlined in 1910 it grew and slowly gained contour until September First of this year when by three and a half o'clock I finished the last but final part, preceded by the latter.I would not, for nothing in the world, get down to writing a literary piece, no matter how insignificant, without having a pat end in store, word by word.This work has hopelessly remained in abeyance very long, being often held up but never actually abandoned. Pantazi's confession troubled me a lot; its finale exacted the greatest of endeavors and came only very late, most awkwardly. To be fulfilled, the last three parts required more than nine years of toil. No matter the satisfactions this book will bring me henceforward there is only one that I already have and which I shall always cherish before anything else: that of having defeated all hardships. I have heard that once over a work ceases to please its author. With me it's the opposite. (pp. 269-270) Bucharest, November 30, 1931 – The moral success has exceeded my expectations. I do not remember a more brilliant one in Romania. As is my habit I have derived from this a certain amount of bitterness as in bitterness I always find some voluptuousness. As to the financial benefits I'd better not talk about them! So far I have cashed forty seven thousand lei including the five thousand paid by the Gandirea magazine, and twenty other thousand, plus a literature prize awarded by the Writers' Society in 1930. (p. 270) AGENDA – ACTA – MEMORANDA(1923-1936) The XLIX-th anniversary of my birthCave, age, tace.Toil,escape, emancipation.Eclipse, exclusivism.- Snobbery - Business is business.Economy, thrift.Energy, conceit.Climacteric, preparatory year.Final reform of my life. (p.362) The L-th anniversary of my birthCave, age, taceBusiness is business.Escape, emancipation, eclipse,Exclusivism.Conceit, snobbery.Gravity, correct deportment, restraint.Emendation, elegance.Avarice.Energy, firmness.Cool, iciness.Sang-froid.Style. (p. 366) The LI-st anniversary of my birth.Cave, age, taceBusiness is business.Escape, emancipation, eclipse, exclusivism.Conceit, snobbery.Gravity, correct deportment, restraint.Energy, firmness.Avarice.Cool, iciness.Reflection, deliberationEmendation, eleganceStyle. (p. 368) S.B. Excerpted from Opere, The Romanian Cultural Foundation Publishing House, 1994

by Mateiu Caragiale (1885-1936)