Lupa Capitolina

The Roman antiquity in Dobruja: the she-wolf, Lupa Capitolina, the emblem of Rome on a funerary stela Lupa Capitolina of Ibida (Slava Rusa village, Tulcea County)The funerary stela of a Roman soldier from Legion XI Claudia camped in the south of Dobruja at Durostorum.The soldier whose name is not mentioned in the inscription died after three years of military service aged 22 (read: .....vix ani xxii).The sculpture with the wolf and the two twins Romulus and Remus remained a symbol of Latinity for the inhabitants of Dobruja as well.The father of the deceased soldier, who was a Roman inhabitant of Dobruja, buried his son in the cemetery of the Roman fortress of Ibida.The funerary monument dates from the middle of the 2nd century A.D.The Ibida fortress is the biggest Roman-Byzantine fortress in Dobruja, covering 24 hectares, surrounded by strong walls with 30 semicircular towers.A big basilica with three apses found inside the fortress was operational in the 4th century A.D., after which the news about the fortress and other monuments inside it ceased. Translated by Ştefania Tarbu

by Petre Covacef