Eniko Szilagyi in Juliet, directed by Tompa GaborEniko Szilagyi in Juliet, directed by Tompa Gabor at the Hungarian State Theater in Clujexcerpt An open space without setting, the scenic box in its genuine "realism". To the right a "bed" (straw, covered with a blanket), a worn-out chair, a table, a book, etc. As if we could see the Bethlehem stable. The scenery should suggest both the need for space and its vastness. The light goes up slowly, music. (Dream)Shall I keep the silence still?Or maybe I should answer back? Speakangel of lightYou shine there in the depth of the nightlike God's winged messenger Who are youwho through the veil of the nightmy secret beheld? Poor me!Who are you?Who are you? (Decisive)Well thenI'll leave and I shall tell them:You send me to them All right And I shall also tell thatit's your wishthat I should be all yoursTo follow you wherever you might goThat I will tell themand I won't add a thingand I shan't be untrue to your word at all They will askI know them wellThey will ask mewhat is your name?A mere namecould it tell you, I wonder,who I am? Oh my!Say but that!What is your name? So speak to them and should they ask about meThe One who has sent me to youso tell them The One who is?Who is The One that is?Who is Theonethatis? (Wild barks, strong taps on the window, kicks in the door. Sounds in the background(She starts) Are you here?(She eavesdrops insistently)Give me a sign!(Silence) Take me to youIt's been enoughIt is for that soft chill that I longAnd I leave it all to you do you get it?Everythingmy children my husbandthe photographs the letters My manWhat about my man?Is he still alive?Why don't you answer why?Wouldn't it be better not to love?To part with it forever?To take a big stepToward you it's ok toward youbut to go away from here for good to go awayCould freedom have no other forms than death?Isn't there an answer? Angina pectoristhe doctor saidHe is a prisoner like mebut still a doctor It isn't that badA woman's beautiful name an actress let's sayOf tragedyOr of comedy?Could it be one of tragedy stillAngina PectorisLet's see what else does the mind know?LookAngo angere: I squeeze I stifleI even cause worriesI torturethat is even better The doctor listened to my heartjust as You dofor a long time and carefullya little strictHe said I won't survivea new crisisI am much too weak for thatWhich appeased me Then he said that somethingis not right you're not afraid of deathMe that isAnd that is not rightI'm not afraid of deathWhere there is angina pectoris there should be fear of death as wellAnd I don't have it(Attentive silence)Overlook the fact that I'm not afraid of death Take me to you do you hear me?Don't let me go back Death paid me a visitLady Death and its suiteThey undressed meWith an oblong basket woven of raffiathey took out water from the DanubeI was laughingBut the basket held the waterThey bathed me like a babyLady Death took off her black clothesand dressed me in its own clothesThen it put on my clothesThe water drained out of the basked in a second You're ready she saidyou're readyI lay back in the empty basketThat very moment it started to rain with flowersfrom the heavensflowers flowers flowers More of a snow than a rainThey were soft and they were cold as iceI am ready I'm going you can take me In my dream I remembered that winterthe first winter of my imprisonmentwhen the snow covered our shack completelyand we couldn't get outOnly the body that felt it was morningonly our bodiesIt was dark and we didn't know whyhadn't the sun come out?Ready?I wanted to get out of the shackbut there was no way I could open the doorI tried the window but it wouldn't open eitherI woke up the kidswake up little sparrows wake upthe wandering through the desert endedwe will be free soonI immediately felt a huge freedominside in me and also true happinessThen I wasn't wondering yetwhat I will do with them until the momentof death by starvationI believed in another kind of deathA sort of crossingThe Jordan of time stands stilland we all with dry feet passonto the opposite bank So much I was blinded by the hope of a common death There was a nice warmthat least we won't have problems with thatso I told myselfI lit a candleI waited for them to get dressedI shall singI shall sing to them with all my might It always worksIf they are hungry I shall sing to themand tell them different storiesIf they are ill I shall sing I saw fear on their facesEverything was different from how it was beforeDon't be afraid little sparrows don't be afraidOur home is but a coffin The first born tried to open the doorthen the window just like meBut he didn't succeed eitherThen the took a branch from near the hearthand broke the window as small as the palm Snow he shoutedsnow The little ones went to see as welland they started to shout merrilyBut form the outside some voices came in as wellThey were Franciscan prisonersfrom the nearby shackthey were the liberators (To Lady Death)I'm ready I'm going you can take me I was utterly ashamedI was charmed by the chance of a common deathThe little sparrows to dieTo drop like flies in the autumnTo end it to finish it at last It was eventually our most beautiful winterThe snow near the wallsand on the roof hardened so muchthat you could climb onto the house and slide like on a coastThe kids are wandering up on the houseride the coping of the roof Little sparrowslittle sparrows Who does the faceof Lady Death remind me of?Who?I don't know(Looking up)Do you know? I also saw a dogit was lying on the brim of the ditch attentiveIt had beautiful pointed earsAnd seemed to look at me in wonderamazed and as if it demanded an explanationbut it didn't seem to be part of the suite of LadyDeathHe kept raising his head from his paws stretched in front of himand he whimpered as wellWhen exactly?wait a minuteI knowWhen I put on Lady Death's clothesthat's when In the morning of the evictionwhen the truck started with usthe dog started running after usHe wanted to get inThe kids started encouraging him shoutingWolfcome on Wolf That was his nameRomanian dogA Romanian family had given it to usat SalontaTake him they saidhe will be useful to youthen they vanished Some times are these people vanishEarth swallows themthe darkness WolfA Romanian dog turned HungarianNoA German shepherd dog turned Romanianwhich turned Hungarian in the end Wolf Wolfthe kids urged him all at onceDear Wolf come on come with us We were already driving on the roadbut Wolf wouldn't give upthe guard who sat at the back of the trucktook the tarpaulin aside armed his machine gunand shot himShot at him a short volley of shotsA volley of shotsHe wanted to make sureWolf's body seemed to have become lighter at oncerose abovewith a magnificent portas if he had waited this moment all his lifehe was flying he was flyingthen he fell without soundBut we didn't see thisthe fall Dear Wolfsweetiethe kids cried all at oncefly fly For a long while we thought we could still see his eyes in the darkstaring at usto follow us as far as they couldand be with us Dear Wolfsweetie The eviction order didn't refer to himMay he rest in peace Did you receive him?Do you receive animals?I sometimes imagine that you invented something for animals as wella heaven for them tooA heavenly zoo Don't you follow human patterns Or do they become angels at once?take for instance that donkey on Whitsuntidethat carries Our Saviour your only sonWhat became of him?Did they just cut him?Did they consume him just like thisas if nothing happened? Or take Balaam she-donkeyMy favourite donkeycarries the prophet on his backso that Your people may curse himand she sees the angel in the open roadThe prophet does not see the angelthe donkey sees him When it comes to donkeys you're invincibleI say this because of my sonsWhen it comes to donkeys you're invincibleand to lambs but don't forget Wolf eitherif you canCould you tell the children?Could you tell them you're thinking about Wolf as well? (Pause)Why did we envy the dog then?I asked somethingBecause I would have liked to stay therein the black tunnel with the looks of my children moving further away?Do I like images much too much?