Friends with Children

Geology Museum, Kiseleff Park, Cismigiu Gardens.
Since the park is always a handy alternative, but the least spectacular one, we suggest a visit to the Antipa museum, an eternal museum. We know that you notice at once those details that spoil all the charm, such as the fact that the Gnu antelope has too many stitches, that the macaque looks a little bit shabby, and that there is a smell of dust or preservatives, but it is a proven thing that children don’t notice these things. They are thrilled, they run about friskily and enjoy even the sight of earthworms in jars, which parents (especially mothers) abhor. You can take them to Antipa after they turned one year and a half, but don’t let them alone in the cave, they may want to climb back in their mother’s arms. They may also be frightened by the roar of the lion (one of the recent technological improvements of the museum), but this is a part of the fun, too. If you get there, do not forget to visit the aquarium from the ground floor. Smaller children must be kept in your arms to see Nemo the fish, the spaces between the aquariums are very little, and there is the lens effect if one looks too close to the glass of the aquarium, but the little fish are adorable, as exotic fish should be, the aquariums are nicely decorated, so the experience is eventually a very pleasant one. You can also visit the exhibition “Argentine Dinosaurs – The Giants of Patagonia”, the first temporary scientific and multimedia exhibition displaying the skeletons of the species of dinosaurs discovered in Patagonia, 225-65 million years old. It sounds pompous, but it is quite special; tell children they are the only Europeans who can witness the reconstruction of the species Buitreraptor Gonzalensis, the small “bird-dinosaur” recently discovered in South America. I suspect that boys who dream of becoming Discovery explorers will be thrilled!In addition, upon entering the exhibition (for which there is a separate ticket to be paid) there are several colorful moldings of “dino” animals, which children can climb to have a picture taken. Plus colored pencils and papers on which they learn to draw correctly a Tyrannosaurus Rex or other creatures from Jurassic Park. If the little ones are strong and receptive to museum activities, you can push ahead with the Geology Museum or the Museum of the Romanian Peasant (which has the advantage of the terrace where you can drink a beer while the children run on the lawn in front). Or you can just give it up and take them play in the open air, in the Kiseleff park (small, but coquettish, very clean and fully equipped with swings and toboggans) or, farther, in Herastrau (which we recommend to avoid on Sunday afternoons, due to the crowds). Tips against the clock:In the morning: Cismigiu is a must. It is quiet, in the summer it is quite chilly and the park has a retro-romantic look which even the children appreciate: statues, small cascades, steps covered in grass, hidden corners. Plus a pavilion where there are sometimes fanfares playing and children adore them! In the evening: it may sound strange, but again we recommend the recently opened Hard Rock Café. They have a large non-smoking area and very good airing. You can savor a cocktail with your friends without them getting hysterical because of the children: all the clothes and musical instruments hung on the walls fascinate the little ones and the stage seems to be magical, therefore no need to worry for them anymore. In addition, the waiters are nice and friendly and bring you the food faster if you say it is for the “little ones.” Time Out, April 18-24, 2008
Translated by Fabiola Popa

by Adina Rosetti