Facts And Specifics

Facts· The Danube is the largest tributary to the Black Sea.· The Danube is the second longest river in Europe, after the Volga.· The DanubeRiver Basin includes 19 countries, which makes the river the most international in the world. · The Danube Delta contains the largest reed bed in the world (180,000 ha).WWF included the Danube Delta among the most important 200 eco-regions in the world – regions of outstanding ecological diversity and importance.

Specifics· The biggest sturgeon caught in the Delta weighed 882 kg.· The longest snake in the Delta is 2.5 m. · The longest living species in the Delta is the turtle, Testudo graeca – 120 years.· The Danube Delta has the largest compact reedbed area in Europe, dominated by a giant reed variety, Phragmites australis – 4 m height.· The most interesting process in the Delta is the formation of the floating islands covered with reed (plaur).· The Danube Delta is a breeding, feeding and resting area for pelicans and 300 other bird species. · In a water dominated system, Letea Forest, with oak trees and lianas on sandy dunes, is a special feature of the Delta.

by Plural magazine