EURESIS / 2010

The current volume brings together a number of papers that were initially presented at the Conference, organised between the 23rd to the 25th of November 2006, by the “Tudor Vianu” Interdisciplinary Centre of European and Romanian Cultural Studies – an academic research unit of the University of Bucharest.
The papers have been structured into four sections: the first one is dedicated to the keynote speakers′ interventions, whereas the second one contains the way in which a number of important authors conceived legitimacy. The third section deals with the forms and ways in which legitimacy manifests itself within the area of culture – which includes the relationships legitimacy entertains with authority, canonicity, validity, authenticity etc. The final one focuses on instances of legitimisation in Romanian culture.

Legitimacy / Legitimation

Mircea Martin – On Legitimacy
Christian Moraru – Legitimate Issues: Culture and Authority in the Age of the Global Debt

Mihaela Irimia – Modernity and Legitimacy: The Blumenberg-Löwith Debate and the Collapse of the Isomorphic Model
Romanița Constantinescu – Cultures of Legitimation: Karl Jaspers revisited
Laura Albulescu – The Concepts of Legitimacy and Legitimation with Pierre Bourdieu via Max Weber
Cosana Nicolae Eram – Jacques Derrida and his Algerian Engagement
Dana Ionescu – Legitimising Culture in the Postphilosophical Age: Richard Rorty
Lucia Simona Dinescu – How Legitimate are the Radical Discourses?
Silvia Florea – On Cultural Liminality and Some Representation Models
Rodica Mihăilă – What Happened to Multiculturalism? The Ups and Downs of the Legitimizing Process
Eric Gilder – Just as I am versus Just as we ought: Theological Legitimation in an Anglican Frame
Michaela Niculescu – The Birth of Psychoanalysis from the Spirit of the Pseudosciences
Cosmin Rughiniș - L′experience du bonheur et les theories quotidiennes sur le bonheur
Adina Ciugureanu – Is Popular Culture Legitimate?
Iulia Dondorici – Legitimate Strategies of the Feminine Political Subject in Romanian Feminist Discourse from 1830-1930
Daniela Rogobete – Fighting the Body of Authenticity
Ruxandra Vișan – Strategies of Canonisation / Standardisation in Samuel Johnson′s Dictionary
Katie Guest Rose Pryal – Mapping the Culture Wars: American Legal Cultural Studies Now
Jan Alber – Legitimating the Prison – Reproducing Cultural Hegemonies: the Case of American Prison Movies
Corina Anghel Crișu – Cultural and Theoretical Contexts: Rewriting, Revision, and Black Postmodernism
Elena Butoescu – (Il)legitimate Appendages: the Case of Psalmanazar′s Prefaces
Corin Braga – Techniques de validation empirique des voyages imaginaires aux XVIIe-XVIIIe siecles

Marina Cap-Bun – The Gazing Eyes of Europe
Mircea Anghelescu – Une modalite peu banale de legitimer le discours politique a lțepoque romantique: la supercherie litteraire
Răzvan Voncu – La fausse legitimation. Le discours nationaliste dans la litterature roumaine des annees 1980-1990
Paul Cernat - L′avant-garde roumaine. Legitimation interne, legitimation externe

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