Elisabeta Lux (Manolache, Pindichi)

Ballerina (b. 11 April 1959, Reşiţa) Choreography High School in Cluj-Napoca, graduated in 1978; studied under Margareta Agavriloaie. Ballet Academy in Moscow (1976-1978), graduate with diploma, teacher Irina Kuznetsova. International Ballet Contest, Varna, 1983, 2nd stage. Prime soloist, ODBT* (1980-1990), State Theatre in Braunschweig, Germany (1990-1993), Opera House in Halle / Saale, Germany (1993-1995); State Theatre in Germany (1995-1998). In 1998 she gave up the stage and started teaching classical ballet at a private school in the town of Braunschweig. Performances, roles, reviews: The Chopinianne ("…the strictly classical manner is brilliantly illustrated by E. L.'s performance in The Chopinianne. The soloist's presence comes discreetly but surely into view through her precise and accurate executions, which on the other hand dose not cancel the overall movement's romantic fluidity, the impression of a subtle gliding into the lightness of eternal white." – Violeta BERCARU, Luceafărul, 6 November 1982); Rhapsody No. 1; Rhapsody No. 2; Swan Lake: Odette, Odile ("The role Odette-Odile was gracefully danced by E. L., whose appearance was especially admirable in the role of the Black Swan." – The Times, February, 1982; "…in the double role Odette-Odile she made a strong impression through the precision of her execution, which gives her a privileged place among the specialists of classical ballet." – Die Woche, Gütersloch, 1982); Mioriţa: The extraordinary Mioriţa ("…she surpassed herself in doing the role." – Petre CODREANU, Contemporanul, 11 September 1981; "…admirable in every respect, she embodied the extraordinary Mioriţa with amazing economy of movement…" – Viorel COSMA, Tribuna României, 1 October 1981); I'm Running after Mozart but I Can't Catch him; Giselle: Giselle ("…a Giselle that springs like an azure and delicate wing, convincing us, through the grace and gradation of her most diverse and contradictory states, of the drama of a little peasant girl…The ballerina displays a well-wrought technique, the labor in her movements being underlined by an elegant spontaneity." – Carmen KEHIAIAN, Tomis, no. 3/1983; "… a pure classicist, of great finesse and fluidity of movement." – Liana TUGEARU, Tomis, no. 10/1990); Symphony No. 3; The Nutcracker: The Sweets Fairy; Bayadere: Nikya; Sleeping Beauty: Princess Aurora ("…prima ballerina E. L. M. embodies on stage a very effective princess who dances with admirable certainty and attention to details." – Nicolae SPIRESCU, Tomis, no. 3/1986); Cinderella: Cinderella ("…a very graceful, delicate and sensitive Cinderella, leaving the impression she floats in jumps and pirouettes progressing in slow motion…" – Luminiţa VARTOLOMEI, Contemporanul, 20 February 1987; "…she creates in the main role moments of poetry, of grace, besides other moments when her technique is required to the full, her 'answers' being first class." – Viorel CREŢU, Luceafărul, 20 February 1987; "As far as interpretation is concerned, E. L. M's personality in the role of Cinderella stands out; a silhouette with elegant long lines, capitalized on by technical accuracy and very delicate acting." – Liana TUGEARU, România literară, 19 March 1987; "…she had the double role of a ballerina and of a composition actress, shaping sometimes barely flickering aspirations in a world itself full of non-retractable caricatures." – Anca FLOREA, Ateneu, no. 11/1988; "…in the center of attention was the character of Cinderella, embodied by the talented ballerina E. L. M., whose personality dominated the show. Graceful, expressive, totally convincing, seeming to do the anything but easy choreographic score without any trace of effort, E. L. M asserted herself as a complex artist…" – Cristina SÂRBU, Muzica, no. 11/1998; "…the spirit of academic dance is visible, fruitfully continuing a vigorous tradition, served on stage by one of our best soloists: Betty Lux Manolache." – Claudiu NEGULESCU, Flacăra, 30 September 1988); The Privateer: pas de deux.
* The Oleg Danovski Ballet Theatre

by Plural magazine