Editor's Note

After 21 issues in English, the cultural exploit undertaken by PLURAL five years ago is attempting, experimentally, a new opening – this time to the Hispanic world, under the title The Confession as a Form of Dialogue –, while continuing its English series. Direct or indirect, the testimony of a thought, deed, or intimate feeling of a writer, musician, or sculptor, unlike the narrative, carries additional emotion. The diaries, memoirs and correspondence will often deepen the reader's rapport with the great intellectuals. We are facing an open stage, capturing pages written by, or about, remarkable personalities, institutions or events of Romanian civilization, benevolent and exemplary spirits that accompany us wherever we go, with treasures of ideas, happenings, coincidences and connections, defining us more clearly in relation to European – and universal – values. The goal of the PLURAL collection, that of resizing and relocating Romanian culture and civilization in a European context, thus opening the gates of a fertile dialogue, without frontiers or prejudices, is served in this issue by a few outstanding Hispanists.

by Aurora Fabritius