Editor's Note

Only when dialogue and tolerance begin to work at normal parameters, will truths be understood in their essence, and applied in the practice of life. Hoping that a book may constitute a celebration even in these unpredictable, amazing, and occasionally grievous times, we initiated, in good faith, this collection of fine works by authors belonging to long-standing ethnic minorities in Romania.The history of ethnic minorities in Romania is not only ancient, but also very complex, as ethnic boundaries have never coincided with state frontiers, and it would be a great loss if the cultural diversity that saturates the Romanian territory were ignored. Exploiting shared life experiences, similar yet so diverse, capturing various particularities of perception in a centuries-old world can only be salutary. We are being assailed by the pressures of modern civilization and the whims of short-lived fads, which makes the distinction between a sensible recognition of the genuine, on the one hand, and kitsch or mere cultural paucity, on the other, increasingly difficult. This anthology is subjective (how else?), but includes works that drew the critics' attention upon publication, and the merits of which were eventually validated. There are lines that may still surprise upon a second reading, and works of art that have for a long time successfully crossed Romania's boundaries by way of albums, films or exhibitions. Five of the eighteen national minorities living in Romania are represented here, each with its prestigious contributions in many fields, which are the oldest among those established in this country: Hungarians, Germans, Jews, Armenians, and Serbs; and we look forward to future issues that will include other ethnic minorities.The accurate rendering of the fine nuances in the originals requested a direct translation into English in almost each case. It was a laborious undertaking, but the results will hopefully vindicate our efforts, as the underlying criterion was nothing but the authors' excellence.

by Plural magazine