Eagles On Holiday

In August when the sky fills with bullsAn eagle comes down in the neighborhood And lets me know from the first phone call that he's coming to see me An admirable pyromaniac haunted by firesAnd black serenity covering his feathersHe comes upset by the foreboding of certain flames A Cartesian eagle who has passed through classes of stern colleges He hardly comes to terms with my silence But he knows that we bear the same sign under our eyelidsAnd feels the same gold on his knees We man and bird on two armchairs Are talking at lengthWhile with calm gestures my girlfriend revives The refreshing archetype of night Of course I could tell him I have thrust a stake into the fogThat the otter called me again last nightI could show him the fourth sign of the mole and the nettles' lucid answerBut my places may seem an unknown island to himTherefore he slowly moves a lighted wingAnd takes refuge in the strict geometry of disquiet The two of us on two armchairs are talking at lengthOutside the night is rusting my dogs Translated by Adrian Solomon 

by Gellu Naum (1915-2001)