The Board is the deliberative body of the Institute and is made up of 23 members.

1. RADU BOROIANU (President of the Romanian Cultural Institute)
2. Member assigned by the President of Romania
3. MIRELA FURTUNĂ (member assigned by the Government of Romania)
4. ALEXANDRU OPREAN (State Secretary, Ministry of Culture)
5. RADU PODGOREAN (State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
6. GIGEL PARASCHIV (State Secretary, Ministry of Education)
7. MARIUS SALA (Vice-President, The Romanian Academy)
8. LAURENȚIU DAMIAN (President, The Romanian Filmmakers Association)
9. AURELIA CORBEANU (Vice-President, The Romanian Association of Theatre Artists)
10. VIORICA CUREA (President, The Union of Architects of Romania)
11. MIHAI ZAMFIR (member assigned by The Writers' Union of Romania)
12. GRIGORE ARSENE (President, Romanian Publishers' Association)
13. CRISTIANA RUSSU (Vice-President, The Visual Artists Union of Romania)
14. ŞTEFAN GHEORGHIU (member assigned by The Interpretative Creation Union of The Romanian Musicians)
15.DEMÉNY PETER (member assigned by The Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania)
16. ADRIANA POPESCU (member assigned by The Democratic Liberal Party)
17. VLAD PĂUNESCU (Castel Film)
18. OCTAVIAN MIHAIL SACHELARIE (member assigned by The Social Democratic Party)
19. FLORIN CODRE (member assigned by The Social Democratic Party)
20. ZOE PETRE (member assigned by The National Liberal Party)
21. RUXANDRA GAROFEANU (member assigned by The National Union for the Progress of Romania)
22. LIVIU JICMAN (Vice-president of the Romanian Cultural Institute)
23. NAGY ZOLTAN MIHALY (Vice-president of the Romanian Cultural Institute)