Call for Application: Foreign Researchers Grants

Call for Application Foreign Researchers Grants

The Romanian Cultural Institute offers 4 grants of 3,000 € each that cover the expenses of the foreign grantees during their three-months stay in Romania. The program is dedicated to academic upskilling focusing on both doctoral candidates who work on a Romanian theme for the preparation of the doctoral dissertations, and on the well-known researchers. The selection is made by an independent commission of specialists based on an application file, which must contain, among others, the recommendation from the coordinator of the doctoral dissertation (as the case may be). The fields for which the evaluation and selection is performed: Social sciences (History, Political Science, International Relations, Anthropology, Sociology, Economy, Law), Literature, Cultural patrimony and its management, as stated in the General guidelines of the RCI grants - Article 4. In order to apply for the grants offered by the RCI, please send the following documents by December 15th, 2017 (post office date) - the new deadline, to the address available below:

Documents necessary for registration (grant application file):

- registration form (;

- curriculum vitae;

- copy of the identification document/passport (containing residence);

- one research project;

- two letters of recommendation (from the paper coordinator or from another professor, preferably from a specialist with regard to the proposed theme);

- printed copies of the studies published within the last two years in a specialty magazine or on well-known websites in the research field chosen by the candidate;

- a working plan for the period for which the grant is requested;

- in case of doctoral candidates, copies of the official documents which certify their participation in an accredited doctoral program in an accredited university.

The documentation shall be in English language. The candidate may also use Romanian language when preparing the research project to the extent he/she proves that he/she has advanced language knowledge.

The address for submitting the documents (hard copies): Institutul Cultural Român, Aleea Alexandru nr. 38, sector 1, Bucureşti 011 824, Romania

Contact: Cătălin Rogojinaru,

Individual grant application form