Bursele pentru jurnaliști culturali străini - Rezultate evaluare dosare

Update 24.10.2018

În urma şedinţei de evaluare şi selecţie a dosarelor depuse de candidaţii înscrişi la concursul Bursele pentru jurnalişti culturali străini, şedinţă desfăşurată pe data de 24 octombrie 2018, au fost declaraţi câştigători următorii candidaţi:

1. Marine Leduc
2. Laurene Daycard
3. Stephen MCGrath
4. Jordan Coulombe
5. Mattia Solari
6. Gottfried Binder
7. Jean Christophe Arcos
8. Viorel Maier
9. Pascual Martinez
10. Ulviyya Heydarova


Update 24.08.2018

Prelungirea termenului de depunere a dosarelor pentru Bursele destinate Jurnaliștilor Culturali Străini -

The research and documentary scholarships for foreign cultural journalists consist in the financial support of a one-month documentation period in Romania to carry out projects aimed at promoting the Romanian cultural phenomenon in the foreign press. Thus, ICR grants scholarships to foreign journalists who propose working projects reflecting different aspects of Romanian culture. The number of scholarships awarded annually consists of 10 (ten) distributed scholarships, depending on the period agreed with the winning nominated journalists, for a period chosen by the end of the calendar year.

They will carry out their documentary period during a month spent in the areas covered by their topic.

Number of annually granted scholarships: 10 (ten)

Deadline for submission of files: 18th May 2018

Amounts granted: 1 500 euro/scholarship

Areas for which evaluation and selection are organized: cultural journalism / documentary film-photo reportage

Duration of scholarships: maximum one month.

Due to the insufficient number of files submitted, the deadline for submission is extended to 24.08.2018

Address to which documents are sent (physical format required): Romanian Cultural Institute, Aleea Alexandru nr. 38, sector 1, 011824 Bucharest.

Contact: catalin.zamfir@icr.ro