Bucharest Described By Sulzer At The End Of The 18th Century

Among the foreign writers who passed through or stayed in Bucharest and who, on this occasion, wrote their impressions, is Franz Joseph Sulzer. He was from German Switzerland; he joined the Austrian army and due to his achievements became a captain.In 1776, Sulzer was invited to Romania by ruler Alexandru Ipsilanti. On this occasion he studied the people and the political milieu of the time. He stayed a long time in Romania, where he died in 1791 at Piteşti. Sulzer loved Romania and he was very interested in her past, which he said was little known in the West. This is the reason why he wrote Geschichte des transalpinischen Daciens, encompassing the history of Muntenia (Wallachia), Moldavia and Bessarabia, in three volumes published in 1781 in Vienna. We were particularly impressed by the streets of Bucharest, with small simple houses, many of them tiled in oriental style. But we were mostly struck by the fantastic poetic names of the streets, which we later delved into only to find, to our surprise, a whole encyclopedia including a variety of names inspired from: the Bible, astronomy, mythology, meteorology, history, rulers, poets, patriots, nations, army, zoology, botany, geometry, various professions, qualities, virtues, colors, etc.Here are some interesting street names:Biblical: Saints, Savior, Virgin Mary, Apostle, Martyr, Trinity, Icon, Faith, Archangel, Stone Cross….Astronomical: Astronomers, Sun, Moon, Crescent, Equinox, Mercury, Evening Star, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Comet, Constellation….Meteorological: Time, Twilight, Dawn, Aurora, Light, Shadow, Occident, Orient, North, Morning, Evening, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Zephyr, Wind, Rustle, Southern Wind, North Wind, Echo, Clouds, Thunders, Meteors….Mythological: Venus, Vestal, Pallas, Osiris, Mermaids, Sylphs, Minerva, Minotaur, Morpheus, Orpheus, Cyclops, Esculap, Olympus, Prince-Charming….Historical: Boerebista, Decebal, Rhea Sylvia, Romulus, Remus, Numa Pompilius, Sabines, Scaevola, Horaces, Curiates, Nerva Trajan, Solon, Lycurg, Regulus, Apollodorus, Saul, Aeneas, Termopiles, Nero….Nations: Roman, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Serbian, Serbs, Turks, Armenian, Mosaic, Gypsy, Eskimos….Army: Soldiers, Barracks, Praetorians, Cavalrymen, Horseman, Pandours, Gendarmes, Hunters, Gunners, Cannon, Lieutenants, Camp-dukes….Geometry: Short, Inclined, Crossing, Twisted, Labyrinth, Round, Circle, Semicircle, Arch, Segment, District….District-colors: White, Whitish, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, Red….Zoology: Dog, Wolves, She-Wolf, Wolf's Mouth, Lions, Leopard, Tiger, Bear, Deer, Buck, Deer, Calf, Sheep, Lamb, Zebra, Wild-boar, Rhinoceros, Hares, Seal, Rooster, Chicken, Phoenix, Turkey, Peacocks, Swan, Stork, Pigeons, Turtledoves, Raven, Magpie, Starling, Nightingale, Hawk, Eagle, Vulture, Amphibians, Toads, Bugs, Bees, Butterfly….Botany: Flowers and plants from Bucharest's dictionary could not have been missing: Plants, Leaf, Flowers, Bud, Twig, Green-Tree, Pear Tree, Cherry Tree, Morellos, Quince Tree, Walnut, Fir Tree, Forest, Lime Tree, Oak, Acacia, Willow Tree, Vine, Vineyard, Mulberry, Gillyflower, Roses, Violets, Snowdrop, Spring Crocus, Lily, Lily of the Valley, Blackberry, Camellia, Xeranthemum, Clover, Reed….Trades: Agriculturers, Architects, Engineers, Bard, Poet, Chemist, Teachers, Lawman, Druggist, Plowmen, Tradesmen, Peasants, Shepherd, Fiddlers, Lipscani [Leipzig Merchants], Furriers, Hatters, Silk Mercers, Curriers, Canvasmakers, Blacksmiths, Artisans, Light Infantrymen, Dyers, Coppersmiths, Bell Founders, Smelters, Coopers, Carpenters, Wheelwrights, Farriers, Combmakers, Tanners, Glaziers, Bricklayers, Stonemasons, Sanders, Coachmen, Carters, Lumber Dealers, Cobblers, Bakers, Peddlers, Greengrocers, Butchers, Flourmakers, Pastry Cooks, Millers, Fish Markets, Dairymen, Gardeners, Potters, Sweepers, Beggars….Qualities, Virtues: Harmony, Belvedere, Clemency, Concord, Fairness, Equality, Philanthropy, Gracious, Glory, Gentle, Reconciliation, Independence, Justice, Liberty, Silence, Memory, Luster, Modesty, Autonomy, Peace, Piety, Pleasures, Present, Caution, Hope, Recollection, Union, Joyfulness, Future, Triumph, Longing….

by Mih. Popescu