A Cultural Event

An attentive look upon the history of great literature will reveal a few examples of true love consumed between creators and their inspiring Muses, most often devouring passions that gave birth to unforgettable literary heroes and heroines. Perhaps the most controversial couple of lovers in Romanian literature was the "national" poet Mihail Eminescu (1850-1889) and the poetess Veronica Micle, who passed away only three months after the poet's demise. Their love was deep, ardent and dramatic, and the recent discovery of previously unknown correspondence between the two resulted in an incredible treasure now available in print under the title My Sweet Lady/My Beloved Emin. The question is how much can both the poet and the man, the thinker and philosopher, be reconsidered in the wake of this surprising find, his love letters. The following excerpts are from the literary review by a talented young critic, Daniel CRISTEA-ENACHE, which also appeared in his volume Opening Concert (© The Romanian Cultural Foundation Publishing House).

by Aurora Fabritius