One cannot overestimate the contribution of modernist research to literature and art. Over the last five years, the whole baggage of melancholy boarding-school girls romance has been gradually forgotten in suburban stations in the oh! sacramental sound of barrel organ. Now, fresh with new virginities drawn or written thought is splitting express like lightning the steppes sonorously unfolded. In airplanes travelers with tough sensitivities play poker or tap-dance on their hands. And the sharp edge of the sensation no longer vainly stops on the retina but breaks up fecund dumdum on the meninges. This is the triumph of cerebrality music-hall acrobatism elegant polite up to gasometer. Life a hot carburetor falls on the chestnut vendor's head. And the words with disheveled bowels run through the faubourg wrapping themselves in the jazz of vertiginous sentences. Literature no longer rusts like leaves in autumn no longer suppurates at intervals like a phlegmon but rolling tire vulcanization in the dance of cities is falling down.Automobile truck huge cauldron manometer tar all tumultuously spilled over the canvases healed of imbecilization. Painting is no longer the academic onanism of oil tubes. Virile it broke higher than prejudice in the massive constructivist erection.Of course INVENTION INVENTION INVENTION. For so many centuries hungry art has opened its arms to the five continents. This is an INTELLIGENCE class. The SPEED of INTELLIGENCE at 60 floors elevator. Drama is a nervous tic, the stage must be brought down to the audience or toilet booths. Tear up all curtains let us be invaded by the street, by cities, by ourselves. The world must be reinvented. Always innovative. That is why the invention of Messrs. Victor Brauner and Ilarie Voronca PICTOPOETRY is the synthesis of the new art and might be the justification for the 75 H.P. group in itself.From the concert of machines without the idiocy of principles 75 H.P. set about tough achievements. Above: the stunning incorrigible unformula personality of the painter Victor Brauner. Next to him daring Ilarie Voronca, Stephane Rhollh, Miguel Donvil.With such elements art will be forever new.  Alex. Cernat (Ilarie Voronca) 75 H.P., October 1924 PICTOPOETRYINVENTED BY VICTOR BRAUNER & ILARIE VORONCAPICTOPOETRYEAR05721BY VICTOR BRAUNER & ILARIE VORONCA PICTOPOETRY IS NOT PAINTINGPICTOPOETRY IS NOT POETRYPICTOPOETRY IS PICTOPOETRY 75. H.P., October 1924

by Ilarie Voronca (1903-1946)