SOLIDARITY EXPRESS - Cracow–Warsaw–Gdansk - 1-7 December 2008

European Solidarity Centre will be delighted to have you as participants in the international project called "Solidarity Express". The Project will be a part of celebrations of the 25th anniversary of Lech Wałęsa being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. It will take place in three Polish cities (Cracow – Warsaw – Gdańsk) on 1-7 December 2008. We are inviting young people from all over the world (200 in total) who are interested in social, political and civic problems. The Project will include visiting places which are popular symbols of the struggle against the totalitarian regime for freedom and peace in Europe. There will also be lectures and discussions about the meaning of Solidarity's main ideas of freedom and dignity in building peaceful order all over the world. If you take part, you will have an opportunity to exchange your thoughts and ideas about the meaning and importance of Solidarity's heritage in today's reality with young people from all corners of the world. The "Solidarity Express" educational programme will be divided into two stages. In the first part, you will travel by train from Cracow through Warsaw to Gdańsk and, in the process, take part in lectures and discussions about Solidarity. Your itinerary: · Cracow – place of spiritual development of Pope John Paul II, whose pontificate had a major effect on building peaceful order all over the world; · Auschwitz-Birkenau. Nazi German concentration camp; · Warsaw/the Warsaw Rising Museum – symbol of the struggle of the Polish nation for freedom and independence; · Gdańsk/the Westerplatte Peninsula – the Launch Site of World War II; · Gdańsk /the Gdańsk Shipyard – the cradle of the Solidarity movement. In the other part of the Project, you and other young people will participate in the conference called "Solidarity for the Future" scheduled to take place in Gdańsk as a part of celebrations of the 25th anniversary of Lech Wałęsa's award of the Nobel Peace Prize. Another major highlight to be staged in Gdańsk will be the World Youth Forum. You will have a chance to meet and talk to President Lech Wałęsa and Nobel Peace Prize Laureates invited by him (a number of invited guests, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, have already confirmed their attendance). Please complete the attached application form and send it to us by 31 August 2008. Filled in application forms should be forwarded to: Tomek Hildebrandt; Maciek Łukaszewicz; After qualifying, you will receive detailed information about the project and your trip to Poland. All costs of your stay in Poland will be covered by the Organiser. Updated information about the "Solidarity Express" is available at APPLICATION FORM 1. Name: 2. Date of birth:
3. Nationality: 4. Postal address (street/home number/town/postal code/country).

5. Telephon number 6. E-mail 7. Present place of work/college/school.
8. Name of current college/ college graduated /course/specialization. 9. Describe shortly all the prizes, honors, scholarships and trainings you have received (max 250 words).
10. Describe your previous achievements/activities/actions/ undertakings (scientific, social, political, etc. max 250 words).
11. Describe in more details chosen undertaking that you took part in. What was your job? (max 150 words). 12. In which organizations, circles, institutions and associations you are active in (max 150 words). 13. What positions you occupied in the organizations (max 150 words).
14. Describe your fluency in foreign languages 1. …………………………………………………………………………………… 2. …………………………………………………………………………………… 3. …………………………………………………………………………………… What are your hobbies and interests? (max 150 words)
Why would you like to participate in the project „Solidarity Express"? (max 250 words)
What are your expectations for the Project (What would you like to learn)? (max 250 words)
Filled in application forms should be forwarded to: Tomek Hildebrandt; Maciek Łukaszewicz; m.lukaszewicz@ecs.gda.p European Solidarity Centre   European Solidarity Centre is a multifunctional cultural institution combining research, education, modern museum and archive. The Centre was established in Gdansk on 8th of November 2007 by Minister of Culture, Marshall of the Pomeranian Voievodship, President of Gdansk, President of the Foundation - European Solidarity Centre and Chairman of the NSZZ Solidarność Trade Union. The main purpose of the European Solidarity Centre is to preserve heritage and retain a fond memory of Solidarność in order to hand it down to the next generations, while stressing its relevance and universal value. The first task, retrospective in its nature, will be realised by a modern, interactive museum demonstrating how the events in Gdansk Shipyard initiated dismantling of the communist regime in Central and Eastern Europe. The Centre will be also accommodating a multimedia archive and library, and collecting all dispersed and neglected souvenirs of Solidarność. Together with exhibitions – permanent as well as mobile one – ESC would act to strengthen awareness of modern history, which is pivotal in building European identity. The second objective of ESC activity, the prospective one, is to hand down the heritage, ideas and notion of solidarity into the next generations. We would like to confirm that solidarity, concern about the well being and common interest, unity with the respect for diversity are still very relevant in the modern society and worth of all efforts to be enhanced. Therefore, one of the most important area of activity in this respect is education. ESC is organising workshops, seminars, lectures and debates for young people from all over Europe, for their teachers and local leaders. We are also a cultural institution creating our own events and projects, inspiring fresh and new artistic movements. We have already organised competition for the film scenario about solidarity, concerts and festivals. In 2007 we launched the first edition of the All About Freedom Festival, which is a film festival reviewing documentary, fiction and experimental films. And finally, we are active in historical research and social sciences. We aim to understand and explain the notion of freedom, justice and solidarity in order to become centre of cooperation and integration sharing the heritage of solidarity and its advocacy for justice, democracy and human rights with those who are deprived of it.