The wharf

6 Jul 2023

„Romanian Weekend at The Wharf”, cel mai mare proiect de diplomație culturală al României în SUA, la a doua ediție

Ambasada României în SUA și Institutul Cultural Român din New York, în parteneriat cu Consiliul Județean Maramureș, organizează, în perioada 7-9 iulie 2023, la Washington, D. C. , cea de-a doua ediție a evenimentului  „Weekend românesc la Washington / Romanian

In Gibraltar. From A Captain's Log

excerptAbout the Earth's Crust A loud knock on the door of the cabin disturbs my sweet morning sleep. Gibrelterra!… Gibrelterra!… I rub my eyes sleepily and, without understanding anything, I ask stroppily: what is it? what's happened?Gibrelterra!…We can

Sfantu Gheorghe, Mon Amour

In the old days, when you went to the doctor, you had to bring him a big fish. Now you have to give him money, the man complains. This would be it. Behind this brief fact, however, there is a long story. In the old days, the man used to bring the fish on the table, the wife