Ethnic Alterity And Collective Imaginary

excerptConclusions and final ideasStereotypes, as they are described in the first researches in this field, tend to be quite long-lasting, yet they do show changes. Images of the other are less enduring than images of self. In 1992, Romanians had a negative self-image on

Intellectuals And Their Radical Political Involvement: Reflections And Subsequent Perceptions

In the last decades, particularly after the collapse of the communist regimes, ardent debates have taken place regarding the political commitment of certain great intellectuals and writers, generating even theoretical and philosophical reflections, concerning the relationship

The Romanian Bourgeoisie, 1925

excerpts II. The social development of Romania from 1866 up to these days The age of Romanian mercantilism8. As experience shows us, a bourgeois society that starts developing later than others desires to begin with that phase at which these other societies already are.

The Danube Delta - Landscape Of The Year 2007/2009

click  LANDSCAPE OF THE YEAR – AN ONGOING PROJECT OF FRIENDS OF NATURE INTERNATIONALEvery two years since 1989, Friends of Nature International (FNI) has designated a European cross-border region of ecological value as Landscape of the Year. The project takes up the current

EURESIS / 2010

The current volume brings together a number of papers that were initially presented at the Conference, organised between the 23rd to the 25th of November 2006, by the “Tudor Vianu” Interdisciplinary Centre of European and Romanian Cultural Studies – an academic research


I. DISPOZIŢII GENERALE CAPITOLUL I INSTITUTUL CULTURAL ROMÂN I. 1 Denumirea şi statutul juridic I. 2 Misiunea I. 3 Baza legală I. 4 Obiective I. 5 Competenţe CAPITOLUL II ORGANIZAREA STRUCTURALĂ A INSTITUTULUI CULTURAL ROMÂN II. 1 Conducerea Institutului