Dying Agata

Chapter SixIt's barely after midnight. Door number 415 opens. I get out and the door remains unlocked, wide open even, behind me. There is no one at this late hour to hear me and even if it were, why should I be afraid when I look like a leaving visitor, and not like

The Tale Of All Tales (The Tale Of The Prick)

As the story goes, there once lived a farmer in a village. And the farmer went forth to sow some maize. Now it came to pass, as he was sowing, that the Lord Himself chanced to walk by, Saint Peter at His side. Now, it would have been right and meet for our Lord to hold His

The Jew

A Jew doing commerce once travelled as farAs Constantinople, to search the bazaar. Since he meant to replenish his earthenware stock,He bought many a cup, and many a crock. He kept buying and buying, and just wouldn't stopTill he filled a large creel right up to the

My Rosenau In The Carpathians

I have always wondered why so many of those who happen to be born within the Carpathian arch, in Transylvania, have a sense of coming from a unique, privileged area, why they keep an enduring and unquestioned commitment to it whatever may happen in their lives, whether they

Spiritual Itinerary, 1927

excerpt 1. Guidelines I begin, with these pages, the publication of some notes, or observations, or reflections, or monologues regarding our generation. The decision is not presumptuous, or unrealizable. It will be said that as long as a generation exists, it's a

The Boars Were Mild

Condrat stands, props the oar against the thick trunks of the oaks and pushes the boat through the wood. Bits of ice slam against the ribs of the boat-bits of ice mixed with broken boughs, clots of floating vegetation, old leaves, cormorant and heron feathers. The storm

Burse pentru jurnalişti culturali din străinătate

Burse pentru jurnalişti culturali din străinătate Preambul: Acest program îşi propune promovarea fenomenului cultural românesc în presa străină. Astfel, ICR acordă burse jurnaliştilor străini care propun proiecte de lucru vizând România şi cultura română.