A Reader You Can Read And Love

excerpts A PRIMER OF SORTS KIWI Kiwi, the bird I am going to tell you about, goes by the name of Kiwi. No one ever saw it flying. It never came to anyone's window, ever. The wind never ruffled its feathers. The sun never turned its wings to gold. Kiwi is a bird from

Master Vucea

excerpts Master Vucea had no servants. Apart from his cook, we were his only servants. Those of us who were poor and were not dressed German style figured on his purchase list. When he needed to decide who would go to the market place and who to the grocer's he called

Uncle Patru, Or The Village Educator

excerpt TALKS ON MECHANICSGRAVITY Gheorghe. I should like to ask you something, uncle!Uncle Patru. What is that, my lad?G. I should like to know why this stone falls from my hand as soon as I stop holding it. Anna (laughing). Don't you know why your stone falls? Because

Teachings To Do Well And Thus Garner God's Mercy And Forbearance

from the Teachings of Prince Neagoe Basarab to His Son Teodosie At some point, time will thwart and jostle us unto the realm of things eternal and unalterable glory; for death betides this our life all the glory of which will turn to mockery and disgrace, since many of

Investigation Among Minors

excerpts THREE KM. FROM A. , A BEND IN THE ROAD… N. R. 6 (National Road 6) goes exactly through the centre of the small town of A. Three kilometers from the railway gate, after going over the railway tracks which unite this part of the country with Bucharest (distance:

Musics And Tricks

excerpt AAAGH, WHAT A NIGHTMARE! I jumped up and forgot it was Sunday. I was just about to get dressed and go to school, to find out if Hari had come to any harm; I was like one of those old biddies who dream I don't know what, a black pond or something, and then think

The Little Girl Who Took The Word No Into Her Arms

A story, no matter how good or bad it may be, is in the end no more than a joining of words. That's something we know. But where do the story-tellers take out their words that they put together and make stories with (good or bad)? That's what we don't know.

Mr. Goe

So that he could finally be promoted at the end of this school year, grandma, mommy and aunty Mitsa promised to take the young Goe to Bucharest on the King's anniversary, the 10th of May. Little do we care if the three dames decide to leave their comfortable spot to

Memories Of Childhood Days

In 1964, Creangă's memories were made into a movie (click here to see preview) by Elisabeta Bostan (b. 1931), whose filmography extending back to 1956, includes the Naica series (Naica and the Stork, Naica and the Squirrel, Naica Leaves for Bucharest), another film

Fram The Polar Bear

excerpt XVI. THE END The blizzard howled, tumbling boulders of petty snow, gasping when hitting icy walls and cliffs or moaning and screaming along the white nowhere. You couldn't tell the sky from the earth or the ice from the water. Nature was unleashed and that


Have today you have seen Tatters,with his eyes glossy as platters?He's a shabby little thingfor a dog – a raggy kingpatched together, as it seems,stuttering-bursting at the seams – with his rags to swirl about'cross his eyes and pugly snout,and a matty coat,

The Squeak-Squeak Family

excerpt I asked my neighbour to lend me his tomcat one more time. When he's at his wits' end a man will try anything. Come on then, let's give the tomcat another try. Maybe he'll have learned his lesson by now, especially since the neighbour was determined