Turneu internaţional de promovare a Festivalului Enescu, organizat de ICR - AGERPRES 31 ianuarie 2011 Institutul Cultural Român va organiza un amplu turneu internaţional dedicat promovării Festivalului Internaţional George Enescu şi creaţiei compozitorului român,


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Cărţi publicate în Spania în perioada 2005 - 2009, cu sprijinul Institutului Cultural Român (prin programele derulate de Centrul Naţional al Cărţii).

Burse pentru traducători în formare

Burse pentru traducători în formare Programul de burse, derulat de ICR prin Centrul Naţional al Cărţii, îşi propune formarea unei noi generaţii de traducători ai literaturii române într-un număr cât mai mare de limbi străine precum şi o colaborare mai strânsă

Brief Presentation Of The Armenian Community

Excerpts The oldest findings prove the presence of Armenians on the present territory of Romania, more precisely in Moldavia, in an inscription on a tombstone in Cetatea Alba, dated 967 AD. The Hungarian chroniclers Simon Kesay and Thuroczi recorded that, under Duke Geza

Why Some Movies Are Good

In almost all professional meetings, whether they are held at the Filmmakers' Association or right nearby at Vineyard tavern, the film director Tufiş (in the credits of a labor safety documentary submitted to the greatest specific film festival he had required that

A Continent Dreamt By An Island

A talk with Gelu Barbu Each artist who fulfils his destiny up to the zenith of glory becomes the founder of an island nostalgic about the continent. The creator does not represent a boastful, empty oneness but a world within a world. His original formula is achieved thanks


I am overcome with horror at the thought that we, Romanians, are facing 'eternity': the proverb. We enter other nations' proverbs like the Scotsman, the Irishman, the Jew, and – in the Balkan Peninsula – the Gypsy. We've brought shame upon ourselves,

Romanian Profile

*excerpts THE SOPHISTICATED PEASANTS The Romanians are a social phenomenon. As a nation among nations, they are westerners evolved in the East. They are Latins surrounded by Slavs. They are Romans two thousand years away from Rome. They are contemporaries re-produced on

The Psychology Of The Romanian People

Chapter IX. The Romanians' Religion and CultureIt has been said and very often repeated that the Christian church and religion saved our nation and country from destruction. This is a statement too often made and too little controlled. With as much grounds one may state

In Gibraltar. From A Captain's Log

excerptAbout the Earth's Crust A loud knock on the door of the cabin disturbs my sweet morning sleep. Gibrelterra!… Gibrelterra!… I rub my eyes sleepily and, without understanding anything, I ask stroppily: what is it? what's happened?Gibrelterra!…We can

The Images Of The Nations. Ethnic And Ethic Characteristics

* The boom of geographic discoveries and trading expeditions that began on the eve of the Renaissance and continued throughout that era developed a new taste for describing remote, if not downright imaginary, countries and peoples. Before being discovered, the savage was