NR. 66 - vara 2008

SUMAR NR. 66 Pagini autobiografice Ion Vianu – Exerciţiu de sinceritate (III) Aharon Appelfeld – Povestea unei vieţi Dincolo de eveniment Adam Michnik – Ultraradicalii revoluţiei morale Paulo Moura – Portugalia văzută de pe a doua şosea importantă a

Erwin Kessler (coordonator) - I colori dell'avanguardia/ Les couleurs de l'avant-garde / Los colores de la vanguardia (1910-1950), 2009, 244 p.

Albumul Culorile Avangardei. Arta în România 1910-1950 a fost editat în ediţie trilingvă (italiană, franceză şi spaniolă) cu ocazia itinerării internaţionale (Lisabona, Roma, Praga) a expoziţiei cu acelaşi nume. Volumul conţine texte critice semnate de curatorul

Glasul Bucovinei Nr. 4 (56) /2007

Sumar BUCOVINA – PROCESE ISTORICE ŞI SOCIALE Marin Gherman, În afara limitelor de cunoaştere. Monitoring-ul presei (1 august – 15 noiembrie 2007) TEORIE, CRITICĂ ŞI ISTORIE LITERARĂ Nicolae Georgescu, Boala şi moartea lui Eminescu. Abordare filologică de bun


Revista care poartă azi numele de Euresis a fost fondată în anul 1973 cu titlul Cahiers Roumains d'Études Littèraires (C. R. E. L. ) şi a apărut sub egida şi în regia editurii Univers condusă atunci de Romul Munteanu. Direcţia propriu-zisă a revistei i-a

The End Of The World. History Without an End

The 1900 Crisis The Break By 1900, no more bets. Pessimism. Denial of progress, return of the cyclic history. Social conflicts. Revolutions. Decline of the West and the yellow peril. Anti-utopia. The Great War. Abstract art. Earthquakes. Halley's comet. The end of the

The Secret Of Dr. Honigberger

Einem gelang es – er hob den Schleier Goettin zu Sais. . . Novalis I One morning in the autumn of 1934, a messenger brought me a rather strange letter, adding he was waiting for an answer right then and there. The letter was from a lady, Mrs. Zerlendi, whose name I had

The Accident

excerptStanding in front of the Corso building on Calea Victoriei one day, he felt someone's familiar gaze follow him from across the street, as if to catch his eye. He crossed over, as though answering a call, and discovered a picture of Ann among several other portraits

The Brâncuşian Synthesis

You have turned the antic into the modern, Rousseau le Douannier once told Brâncuşi. Those words complete very accurately the characterization suggested by Dan Hāulicā: He produced the century's purest classicism out of the exotic. [1] The Romanian sculptor

The Diary Of Happiness

6 March 1960So I am finally taken out as well, led inside an office hid in that tiny niche of the arched corridor; examined, identified, undressed. I am only left one towel, one bar of soap, one toothbrush, one toothpaste, two pairs of socks, one shirt, one pair of underwear,

The Thirties. The Romanian Extreme Right

Chapter IIROMANIANISM AND AUTOCHTHONISMexcerpts Continuing the clash of ideas of the previous decades, the 1930s too witnessed a confrontation on the evolution formula of the Romanian make-up. Two directions were pitted against each other. One favorable to the maintenance


RECORDINGS WITH ORCHESTRAS ABROAD Orchestra Author Work Company 1. Radio Berlin Orchestra Haydn Symphonies 94, 103 CD Electrecord 2. Radio Berlin Orchestra Rossini – Respighi, de Falla La boutique fantasque, LPElectrecord The Three-Cornered Hat, Suites 1 and 2 3. Radio

Mateiu I. Caragiale

Mateiu Caragiale left us a literary heritage, fragmentary in its outlook that puzzled and amazed through its originality, through an appetite for mystery it seemed to originate in, through the secret inspiration that fed it and through its old-fashioned lyricism which was