INTERSECŢII. Înainte de sărbătorile de iarnă - OBSERVATOR CULTURAL Autor Michael FINKENTHAL Nr. 556-557, 23 decembrie 2010 Sînt în Haifa şi profit de ocazie pentru a da o fugă pînă la Ein Hod, satul pictorilor întemeiat după 1948 de Marcel Iancu, pentru a

Noua poezie basarabeană, 2009, 172 p.

Antologie şi prefaţă de Dumitru Crudu Poezii de Angela Pânzaru, Iulian Fruntaşu, Ştefan Baştovoi, Mihail Vakulovski, Alexandru Vakulovski, Steliana Grama, Diana Iepure, Pavel Păduraru, Leo Hristov, Andrei Ungureanu, Ana Rapcea, Adrian Ciubotaru, Horia Hristov,

Slow Beasts, Easy Life

See Gallery One would wonder why the ox is so preferred by most of the Romanian landscape painters at the turn of the century. One reason is a name, Barbizon. Both Nicolae Grigorescu and Ion Andreescu, the leaders of the generation, were configuring their artistic project

The Tomis Sculpture Treasure

Tomis (the former name of the city of Constantza, Romania, situated on the shore of the Black Sea) is a 2550 year-old Greek city that has a historical past overlain with the constructions of the modern city. The name of the city comes from Constanta, an old quarter of the

The Tomis Sculpture Treasure: The Fantastic Snake

Marble statue, slightly purplish. The statue is a true masterpiece, a unique piece, a sort of Venus of Milo of the sculptures representing animals, especially that to this day, there has not been found anything like it anywhere else. The statue represents a fantastic animal


excerpt I was a boy around thirteen when I first learned how to wield a rifle – though I confess that, ever since, I have made no progress in this craft, quite the contrary, I dare say! I had accompanied my old man to Whitepond Baths, that had seen the cream of the crop

The Tomis Sculpture Treasure: The Dioscuri

The divinity is represented standing, nude, looking ahead. The horse is smaller than the body of the Dioscure god. Only the left part of the statue of the two Dioscuri was preserved. Height = 0. 520 m; Width = 0. 107 m; Depth = 0. 350 m. Statue in slightly corroded, yellowish

Lupa Capitolina

The Roman antiquity in Dobruja: the she-wolf, Lupa Capitolina, the emblem of Rome on a funerary stela Lupa Capitolina of Ibida (Slava Rusa village, Tulcea County)The funerary stela of a Roman soldier from Legion XI Claudia camped in the south of Dobruja at Durostorum. The

The Adamclisi Monument

TROPAEUM TRAIANIThe two wars led by Emperor Trajan to conquer Dacia in the year 102 and then in 109, left in Dobrogea a unique monument in the provincial Roman art. Trajan's victory in 109 led to the 200 year occupation of Dacia. Fortress and monument built by Emperor

Animal Representations In Dobrogean Antiquity Art

see Gallery The animal kingdom was amply represented in antiquity; there have been discoveries of representations ranging from the tiniest insects (the ant) to big wild animals (bear, wild bull). These representations reflect either the occupations of the people of those


Jurnalul Naţional, 24 noiembrie 2009 Autor: Costin Anghel Cântecul românesc s-a făcut auzit serile trecute în inima Timocului sârbesc, la Bor. România a trimis la fraţii ei mai mici pe unul dintre cei mai de seamă interpreţi ai ţării, pe maestrul Tudor Gheorghe.

Rare, Vulnerable, Endangered Birds In Romania

excerptsThis work puts forth essential data on a number of 101 bird species in the Romanian fauna, which are rare, vulnerable and endangered. Emphasis is laid on the hatching populations, on recent and current tendencies, on factors imposing limitations on the existence