I No Longer Love Bucharest

I no longer love Bucharest. I'm no longer hoping something can be done about this dump of Europe An interview with Mircea Cărtărescu by Ion Longin Popescu Slowly but surely, the old, historic Bucharest – the little that was left after Ceauşescu's demolishing

Valores Hispanicos Desde Una Perspectiva Rumana

DEL HUMOR, DE LA RISA Y, SOBRE TODO, DE SU VARIANTE HISPANICA Habrá, por cierto, lectores - y, personalmente, creo que serán muy numerosos - quienes, terminada la lectura y bajo la posible influencia de los pensamientos retozones y las palabras juguetonas tan abundantes

Con Los Rumanos De Barcelona: Sobre La Identidad Etnica Y ¿Mundializacion (Globalizacion)?

Aa lo largo del período de su estancia en España, Vintila Horia el exiliado, se sintió como si estuviese en su antigua casa que había vuelto a encontrar (Vintila Horia fue un europeo nacido en Rumanía y arraigado en España, que edita en París, Roma y Madrid sus novelas

Breve Confesion

Tengo ganas de escribir sólo cuando estoy en un estado explosivo, con fiebre o en crispación, en un estupor convertido en frenesí, en un clima de disputas en el cual las invectivas reemplazan las bofetadas y los golpes. Esto suele comenzar así: un leve temblor que va

For Writers Are All Jesters, And All The Jests Together: Literature

For writers are all jesters, and all the jests together: Literature  In the history of literature, Tristan Tzara is regarded as the founder of Dada, an international literary and artistic movement, born in Zurich in 1916, with ramifications and outposts across three continents.


Ceci est un fait-divers atroce. Les Mémoires du Bal-Mabille There are dreams we seem to have lived sometime long ago, somewhere, as well as things we lived about which we ask whether they were not a dream. That's what I was thinking of yesterday evening when, rummaging

The Gentle Whisper Of The Magic

I certainly am neither the first, nor the only person to notice that the fantastic appears as a distinctive feature of Nordic, non-Latin peoples, rather than of the meridional spirit. The solar, mercantile, skeptical-rationalist South, and the sanguine, outgoing, relativistic

Minority Major Artists

The early-20th-century major Romanian art is not a block, but a very particular construction of intertwined cultural layers. One could not affirm that the most fertile and valuable Modern cultural period of this country was characterized by a certain, homogenous Romanian

The Accident

excerptStanding in front of the Corso building on Calea Victoriei one day, he felt someone's familiar gaze follow him from across the street, as if to catch his eye. He crossed over, as though answering a call, and discovered a picture of Ann among several other portraits


excerpt I am going to tell you of things that happened back in 1960 or 1961, when I was still a little girl, no more than 12 years old. I was living with my family in Moşilor Street, in one of those queer houses, with the second floor protruding a little, with two very

Magic Lantern Projections: A Dialogue With Octogenarian Actress Dina Cocea, Honorary Citizen Of Bucharest

The oldest recollections of actors of your generation used to begin with the scene of a provincial school festival: the future star winning a well-known, sympathetic audience made up of parents, grandparents, family friends, touched aunts. The memory of past reality is overwhelmed

Memory And Strolls

If you read travel notes by simple tourists or people on journalistic, cultural or political assignments, from the 1920s or 30s, if you peruse recurrent images about a Bucharest imprinted with evil or good charms, equally decrypted and encoded, moving and repulsive, you