The Mother With Three Daughters-In-Law

There was once an old woman who had three sons, tall like steeples and of virtue mighty but dumb as fishes. The old woman had a plentiful household, with a fine piece of land, a stout manor and annexes, a vineyard and nice orchard, cattle and lots of poultry. Besides all

The Gypsiliad

CANTO THE TENTHArgument Considering the counsel vainOf all the rank and file, The Gypsies chose those of schooled brainTo gather for a whileAnd judge what government is goodFor the entire Gypsihood.  1Now when the maw is well provided for,The mouth is ready and the tongue

Brâncuşi Vs. Brâncuşi

Modernism has brought to paroxysm the need of personal mythologies, immanent to Western civilization. No wonder that some of the heroes and saints of the avant-garde came from those peripheral European territories still uncharted from a spiritual point of view. By the beginning

Eugen Ionesco - Interviews

UNDER THE QUESTION MARK: MAN If you were asked to portray yourself as you did in your books, diaries, or in Present Past, Past Present, how would you introduce yourself? Eugène IONESCO: It is very complicated. I don't know. I don't know who I am. I don't

Eugene Ionesco De L'Académie Française

The founder of the Theater of the Absurd (with The Bald Soprano, staged in 1950 by Nicolas Bataille at the Theatre des Noctambules in Paris, a play he had begun in the 40s while still in Romania under the title English without a Teacher), a member of the French Academy from

About Drama

Honestly, Corneille bores me. We probably only love him (without believing in him) out of habit. We are forced to. They imposed him on us in school. I cannot stand Schiller. For a long time I thought Marivaux' plays were unserious games. Musset's comedies are thin,

About The United States

Sometimes I happen to have beautiful utopian dreams. Sometimes I dream that it was not Lenin in that sealed car crossing Germany and going to Russia in 1917, rather there were three or four odious American capitalists: Russia, Europe would have been saved. Imagine all those

About Communism

COMMUNISM IS THE GREATEST FAILURE IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND At the recent congress of the delegations of Communist parties from all over the world, held in Berlin, many well-known things have been reiterated: satellite-countries will continue to live under the Soviet umbrella,

About Critics

You like any book if you want to. You dislike any book if you want to. I believe literary criticism is useless, and I believe literature has no metaphysical significance. If I do literary criticism, I do it because I have nothing else to do. I do not feel I am committed

About Literature

I see literature as a mere social occupation and those who do literature as a mere guild, such as shoemaking, binding books, law, politics, carpentry, and so on. No other guild is as vain and presumptuous as the poets'. The shoemaker does not claim he does a metaphysical

Famous People About Enescu

Alfredo Casella: Enescu is delicate and sensitive, communicative too, like all Latins. Despite his spontaneous and amazingly rich inventiveness, his creation illustrates a process of will, which no artist can overlook. I have seen such a perfect accord between intention

George Enescu At The Beginning Of A New Millennium

The history of world music has witnessed many spectacular overturns in the hierarchy of values, when names of purely local interest whose death was not even announced in an obituary (Johann Sebastian Bach) became world famous personalities a century later. Quite often, internationally