Simona Şomăcescu - Interview

What impresses from the beginning at Simona Şomăcescu, is an extraordinary self-devotion through dancing, which lights up from within, like a flame, the character's personality. A vast and generous movement, a movement that fills the stage and seems to transform the

Manuel Pelmuş - Interview

Contemporary dance choreographers work on gestures. They do not necessarily have to be beautiful or interesting, but simply natural. Every single emotion expressed. The dancer always performs something, interprets something, lives that moment either through gesture, movement

Vera Proca-Ciortea

Creator of a ballet genre that draws on the essence of Romanian folk dance, expressing it in a vocabulary that includes elements borrowed from gymnastics – a genre rightly defined by the critic Liana Tugearu as 'Romanian rhythmic dance. ' From the ten pieces

A Recital For All Those Who Love Dance

On May 20, on the occasion of the International Dance Day, the stage of the National Opera hosted a ballet recital. The performance proper was preceded by an opening speech by Mihai Brediceanu, the president of the Dancers', Choreographers' and Music Critics'

Mihaela Santo And Ernesto Sabato's The Tunnel

After a beautiful career as classicist in the country and abroad, Mihaela Santo had eventually to end her career as ballerina. The fact painfully experienced at first, later opened up a larger and richer path: that of choreographer. Gradually, she modified her stylistic

The New Generation Of Choreographers

Origins. In Experimentalism in Romanian Choreographic Art between the 60's and the 90's, published in 1997, Liana Tugearu made the following remarks: After a very short period of storing and decanting, a few young dancers broke away from the established companies

The Chosen Chooser

Who is this Roman Vlad who composed 'The Seagull'? a well-known director asked me, a great music fan, therefore always present at the concerts and shows of the Enescu Festival. The meaning of this question was suggested by its intonation: Who is this Roman Vlad

A Beckett Dance Show

The recent premiere presented by the Center for Artistic Expression of the Odeon Theater, Not Me and Solo, from Samuel Beckett, is a dance show by Raluca Ianegic, and it proves that choreography has indeed found in Beckett a good companion in ideas, as his work corresponds

The Exceptional Value

It's been a long time since, at the Romanian Opera, I have assisted at a première with an allure of great show as it is now Mihaela Atanasiu's Peer Gynt. An authentic première, not the remake of a show put out of the program for a while, not the resumption, either,

I Don't Have Any Nostalgia For Princes Charming - Interview With Tiberiu Almosnino

Vivia Săndulescu: Tell me, Tiberiu Almosnino, how many years have you been serving the opera?Tiberiu Almosnino: I graduated from the Choreography High School in Bucharest in 1981, and the same year I was hired at the Romanian Opera, following a contest. So… VS: If you

Daniel Eszralow - Interview, 1999

For the first time ever three American choreographers, Moses Pendleton, David Parsons and Daniel Eszralow will create a novel performance for the Romanian World and Olympic Champions at aerobics. AEROS – a world premiere that will take place in Italy. Physically extremely

Eurodance '97

Having reached its sixth edition, The International Festival of Choreographic Creation tends to become emblematic of the small sweet town of Iaşi. Somewhat pompously named Eurodans '97, it took place this year in a scenery saturated with pilgrims, guards, strikers,