Alexa Mezincescu - Interview

I suggest a discussion about superlatives. You have had a superlative career – as a matter of fact, two careers that at first intertwined, and then continued separately. Chronologically, who were your best teachers? My maestros were Anton Romanowski, Oleg Danovski, Gelu

Preludes And Carmina Burana

Premiere at the Romanian National Opera While in most theatres of the Capital premieres succeed one another at breathtaking speed, the Bucharest ballet season seemed on the verge of collapse. After a long wait, at the beginning of April the first ballet premiere of the

The International Festival Of Choreographic Creation Iaşi 1993, 2nd Edition

Iaşi proved to be, for the second time, an excellent host for The Competition-Festival of choreographic creation with international participation, initiated last year by the ballet critic Dan Brezuleanu, the director of the Festival. The artists benefited from a modern

A Generation Of Choreauthors

In the Choreographer's Manifesto from 1935, Serge Lifar proposed a new word for the creator who invents and composes dance parts, that of choreauthor so that we could make a clear distinction between the one who creates (choreauthor), the one who stages again a ballet

George Iancu - Interview

The stars of ballet travel almost ceaselessly: Paris today, Rome or Buenos Aires tomorrow, then prepare for a new destination. Gheorghe Iancu, dancer of Romanian origin, settled in Milan 24 years ago, is one of these Guest Stars. His body's sculptural perfection, his

Cristina Hamel

I first saw Cristina Hamel when I was a petit rat and I would sneak a look at the soloists during rehearsals, crouching behind a pillar. I remember her rehearsing unrelentingly a diagonal of pirouettes that wouldn't turn out well, in Act II of Swan Lake. I was admiring

Gelu Barbu At 45 Years From The Debut

The ballet dancer who made his debut on the stage of the Kirov Theatre in Sankt Petersburg, prime ballet dancer at the Opera in Bucharest, then, after 1961, prime ballet dancer at the Norwegian Royal Opera in Oslo, decorated by King Olaf with the Constitution medal, first

Gabriel Popescu

A superstar of Romanian ballet in its golden era, when the light coming from the East would fashion great interpreters, Gabriel Popescu began the study of dance with the maestra Floria Capsali. He was hired by the Bucharest Opera in 1948, when he was 16, and in 1949 he was

Interview With Magdalena Popa

Art critics acclaimed Magdalena Popa: She is one of the most dazzling stars of the century. She was regarded as a goddess of this art. Her small body expressed grace, a sort of ritual noblesse. Born in Bucharest, she graduated from the High School of Choreography and then


More recent press excerpts WIENER ZEITUNG January 28, 2002 (Rainer Elstner)Rundfunksinfonieorchester Wien/Horia Andreescu…der Celibidache-Schuller Andreescu entfachte wahren Klangzauber…Der temperamentvolle Dirigent war ein perfekter Partner… KOLNER STADTANZEIGER

Horia Andreescu And An Exceptional Mozart Piece

A special moment at the close of the musical season was marked by the meeting, after 20 years, of conductor Erich Bergel with the National Radio Orchestra. Bergel conducted several times the Cluj Philharmonic – his first and most faithful love – in the past three years.

Berlioz - Between Passionate And Fantastic

The works of Hector Berlioz have in good justice been reputed to occasion most spectacular renderings, as the French romantic was a creator of inexhaustible fantasy and multiple resources. The title Symphonie fantastique on a bill could spell either a risk or a professional