Cartas A Mi Hijo E Hija

18 de agosto de 1950Mi querido, mi querida: Os tengo prometido escribiros a diario, cual prueba del cuidado que les profeso en los tiempos turbios que el mundo está atravesando y del cariňo que mi pensamiento acompaňa la vida. A veces se me olvida que nos separan

For Writers Are All Jesters, And All The Jests Together: Literature

For writers are all jesters, and all the jests together: Literature  In the history of literature, Tristan Tzara is regarded as the founder of Dada, an international literary and artistic movement, born in Zurich in 1916, with ramifications and outposts across three continents.

The Gentle Whisper Of The Magic

I certainly am neither the first, nor the only person to notice that the fantastic appears as a distinctive feature of Nordic, non-Latin peoples, rather than of the meridional spirit. The solar, mercantile, skeptical-rationalist South, and the sanguine, outgoing, relativistic

The International George Enescu Festival Tradition And The Romanian Athenaeum - The Symbol Building For Romanian Musical Culture

In the heart of Romania's Capital stands the monumental building of the Romanian Athenaeum, the symbolic edifice of the most significant musical events ever since 1889 and, at the same time, the cradle of the International George Enescu Festival. There is no musical

The Rush

Xmx is capable of voicing any text (well, not voicing, interpreting it), whether it is Shakespeare's or Chekhov's. There is just one single word he cannot say: no. He is solicited by a TV station for two lines consisting of three words; he would like to tell the

That Sweet Word

I was chatting with actor P. S. of the theatre named after Nottara, when a youngster with a shock of hair typical of 1958 came up to us and addressed our tragedian with perfect politeness:Maestro, I'd like to have your advice, sir!Hearing the word maestro, my elderly

The French Literary View On Enescu's Sense Of Yearning

It has been said – for good reason – that the Romanian word dor [aprox. yearning] is untranslatable, which made all foreign lexicographers leave it in its original form in most literary texts. But in music there is also a dor enescian [Enescian yearning], which someone

Famous People About Enescu

Alfredo Casella: Enescu is delicate and sensitive, communicative too, like all Latins. Despite his spontaneous and amazingly rich inventiveness, his creation illustrates a process of will, which no artist can overlook. I have seen such a perfect accord between intention

How I First Met Brâncuşi

excerpts We want to see Brâncuşi. Do you know him? asked Florica. We're old friends. But he is ill, it's not easy to get an appointment. Anyway, let's try. On the same day, October the 13th, 1956, we met Colomba again at 'Les deux magots', among

Constantin Brâncuşi: The Temple Of Liberation And The Hieratic Emblem Of The Chimera

The Chimera, a sculpture carved in oak wood between 1915 and 1917-18, currently exhibited at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, has so far attracted but limited exegesis. Petru Comarnescu, in a conference held in Craiova in 1957, made reference to the body streamlined as to

Donna Alba

excerpts First of all I have to recall that moment of my life which was the origin of the incidents that I will evoke in these confessions. It was the instant – so dramatic to me – when I first saw Alba. But right in that moment, which twisted so many years that were

Quote Adela

“Between little Adela and her ‘maestro’, the fortyish Emil Codrescu, was born more than the ordinary love between a child and a full-grown man. The seeds of subjugating passion and resigned worship are sowed, above parental love, and last until Adela’s teens, when