Pascale Le Thorel-Daviot - Picasso. Portret în timp, 2007, 354 p.

Indubitabil, Picasso este artistul care a influenţat cel mai mult secolul al XX-lea şi care, în zilele noastre, este considerat drept una dintre personalităţile de excepţie ale istoriei artelor. De aceea mi s-a părut util ca - referindu-mă pentru fiecare perioadă

Glasul Bucovinei Nr. 4 (56) /2007

Sumar BUCOVINA – PROCESE ISTORICE ŞI SOCIALE Marin Gherman, În afara limitelor de cunoaştere. Monitoring-ul presei (1 august – 15 noiembrie 2007) TEORIE, CRITICĂ ŞI ISTORIE LITERARĂ Nicolae Georgescu, Boala şi moartea lui Eminescu. Abordare filologică de bun


Revista Glasul Bucovinei este o publicaţie trimestrială de istorie şi cultură care-şi propune, în primul rând, recuperarea adevărului istoric: cronologia istorică şi politică, activitatea partidelor politice, mărturii istorice, aspecte de viaţă spirituală,


Revista care poartă azi numele de Euresis a fost fondată în anul 1973 cu titlul Cahiers Roumains d'Études Littèraires (C. R. E. L. ) şi a apărut sub egida şi în regia editurii Univers condusă atunci de Romul Munteanu. Direcţia propriu-zisă a revistei i-a

The History Of Nothing: Contemporary Architecture And Public Space In Romania

Richard Rogers Partnership proposal, 1996People's House (Parliament) After 1989: Methods of researching the built environmentResearching Communist architecture is a tricky endeavor in contemporary Romania, where some major actors of that era are still alive, some even

Playing With The Past

A Word with Two Meanings We invent words, then let ourselves be subjugated by them. There would be no knowledge without words, but it is words again that grow into independent entities, obstacles that come between us and the real world. They move us closer to and at the

A History Of The Imaginary. The Truth Of The Myths

CHAPTER I Structures and Methods An Ambiguous Condition What if the history of the imaginary did not exist? Beyond all paradox, the question deserves to be raised. Following a hectic and contorted history, this discipline is hindered by theoretical and ideological difficulties.

For Writers Are All Jesters, And All The Jests Together: Literature

For writers are all jesters, and all the jests together: Literature  In the history of literature, Tristan Tzara is regarded as the founder of Dada, an international literary and artistic movement, born in Zurich in 1916, with ramifications and outposts across three continents.

Self And Portrait

Like diaries and memoirs, portraits and especially self-portraits represent a favorite means of inserting the creator's self into history. One may eventually infer, if not directly grasp a writer's or a painter's positions and opinions about his milieu and

Constantin Pappia And His Library

The history of a country's libraries is made not only of facts and events related to large (or smaller) institutions, but also of phenomena that illustrate the taste for books and bibliophily of particular individuals, especially when such libraries come to be included

The Strange Art Of The Naïves. The Dr. Puiu Anceanu Collection

Alongside collectors of art works, of minerals, of butterflies, of match-boxes, of vintage automobiles, there appeared, in the early 20th century, collectors of naïve art. Daring, of good taste, discoverers by vocation, they granted civitas rights to a field as old as the

Samuel Von Brukenthal (1721-1803). A Collector, An Epoch, A Destiny

click here for Brukenthal Museum An emblem of Sibiu, the Brukenthal Museum is one of the most important abodes of culture that has garnered national and European repute. Since its official opening on February 25, 1803, it laid an indelible mark on the cultural life of the