A History Of The Imaginary. The Truth Of The Myths

CHAPTER I Structures and Methods An Ambiguous Condition What if the history of the imaginary did not exist? Beyond all paradox, the question deserves to be raised. Following a hectic and contorted history, this discipline is hindered by theoretical and ideological difficulties.

For Writers Are All Jesters, And All The Jests Together: Literature

For writers are all jesters, and all the jests together: Literature  In the history of literature, Tristan Tzara is regarded as the founder of Dada, an international literary and artistic movement, born in Zurich in 1916, with ramifications and outposts across three continents.

Self And Portrait

Like diaries and memoirs, portraits and especially self-portraits represent a favorite means of inserting the creator's self into history. One may eventually infer, if not directly grasp a writer's or a painter's positions and opinions about his milieu and

Constantin Pappia And His Library

The history of a country's libraries is made not only of facts and events related to large (or smaller) institutions, but also of phenomena that illustrate the taste for books and bibliophily of particular individuals, especially when such libraries come to be included

The Strange Art Of The Naïves. The Dr. Puiu Anceanu Collection

Alongside collectors of art works, of minerals, of butterflies, of match-boxes, of vintage automobiles, there appeared, in the early 20th century, collectors of naïve art. Daring, of good taste, discoverers by vocation, they granted civitas rights to a field as old as the

Samuel Von Brukenthal (1721-1803). A Collector, An Epoch, A Destiny

click here for Brukenthal Museum An emblem of Sibiu, the Brukenthal Museum is one of the most important abodes of culture that has garnered national and European repute. Since its official opening on February 25, 1803, it laid an indelible mark on the cultural life of the

Woolen Gardens

European travelers such as Antonio Maria del Chiaro were struck long time ago by the uncommon abundance of woolen carpets in each Romanian home, be it aristocratic, bourgeois or peasant. Carpets were laid mainly onto the walls of the rooms, but they also covered the beds,

The Earth Beliefs Of The Romanian People I

excerpt THE MAKING OF EARTH AND ITS LIFE STORYI have already put together in my earlier works a whole series of histories and beliefs dealing with the world before its making as well as with the world above the endless realm of eternal water: And I strongly doubt that anyone

The Faces Of the City

Life Histories in Bucharest – the 20th Centuryexcerpt All the Greeks in the city sought to make me their son-in-law. Demostene Gramatopol, 1910-? My initial intention was to interview both Greeks belonging to the old Greek community in Bucharest, and some of those who

La Poésie Aux Confins Des Langues – Portraits En Miroir

L'ARME INVISIBLE La francophonie a bonne presse chez les Roumains. Le fait que la francophonie littéraire roumaine ait révélé ses quartiers de noblesse en France, par l'entrée de Tzara, de Fondane, de Ionesco et de Cioran dans l'espace littéraire français,

La Société Des Nations Et Les Minorités

Parmi les sujets que notre Académie a mis a l'étude, la Société des Nations, comme de droit, occupe une place d'honneur. Peut-on, sans trop d'inconvénients, aborder une question d'actualité dont la discussion n'est pas close à Genève? Je

Les Principautés Roumaines

LES FANARIOTES DANS LES PRINCIPAUTES ET LES PREMIERES RELATIONS DES MOLDO-VALAQUES AVEC LES RUSSESAprès la prise de Constantinople par Mahomet II, les Grecs du Fanar, habitants de cette ville, et d'autres Grecs de la Roumélie, émigrèrent dans les différentes contrées