Sherban Lupu - Caiete de partituri inedite de George Enescu (vol. 1-6), 2005

Tipărirea partiturilor reprezintă o iniţiativă a reputatului violonist Sherban Lupu, interpret al creaţiei enesciene, profesor român stabilit în S. U. A. Cele şase caiete editate în anul 2005 conţin piese din tinereţea compozitorului George Enescu, care nu

Glasul Bucovinei Nr. 4 (56) /2007

Sumar BUCOVINA – PROCESE ISTORICE ŞI SOCIALE Marin Gherman, În afara limitelor de cunoaştere. Monitoring-ul presei (1 august – 15 noiembrie 2007) TEORIE, CRITICĂ ŞI ISTORIE LITERARĂ Nicolae Georgescu, Boala şi moartea lui Eminescu. Abordare filologică de bun


Revista Glasul Bucovinei este o publicaţie trimestrială de istorie şi cultură care-şi propune, în primul rând, recuperarea adevărului istoric: cronologia istorică şi politică, activitatea partidelor politice, mărturii istorice, aspecte de viaţă spirituală,


Revista care poartă azi numele de Euresis a fost fondată în anul 1973 cu titlul Cahiers Roumains d'Études Littèraires (C. R. E. L. ) şi a apărut sub egida şi în regia editurii Univers condusă atunci de Romul Munteanu. Direcţia propriu-zisă a revistei i-a

The Night When I Really Liked The People’s House

Curator: Marilena Oprescu, Artmix Cultural Association Photo: Mircea Maieru In the early 1990s, everyone thought that we could get rid of the People's House. But some proposals, like to demolish it partially or completely, to bury it under a hill, etc. , seemed utopian

The Friend From The Provinces

Carturesti bookstore, National Museum of Contemporary Art. Your cousin from Timisoara is coming to the city. People from Banat and those from Bucharest don’t seem to see eye to eye, that is a known fact, but your duty is to make him feel at home. For him, home means very

Bucharest Meet Amsterdam

Life is nothing but a perpetual interrogation mark placed above that strange and intriguing image of our very own childhood… and where does it even start to provoke our conscience? Remember that grumpy and oversized street, your everyday neighbors that couldn't restrain

From Vienna For Bucharest

A native of Constanta born under the sign of Cancer, therefore dependent on the sea, the sun, the sand and the seagulls, a couple of months ago I moved to Vienna (no sight of the sea), after having spent four years in Bucharest (no sight of the sea) during my years of college

Sunday Best

Cismigiu Gardens Every time I visit this place, I feel the same. Maybe it’s because the elegant flower beds, the winding paths and the chatter of happy kids. Or maybe it’s the young lovers who paddle rowing boats, the skeletal old ladies who gossip on benches of battered

On Urban Utopias

see photos see movie On one of those buses there were comfortable sofas and a piano with a pianist playing Bizet or Vivaldi. On another such bus – trees, grass, a four-handed witch, and Little Red Riding Hood, while on the third bus, people were welcomed by a magician,

Uncommon Transport Or How Three Buses Were Detoured Directly To The Lane Of An Imaginary Realm

see photos see movie This summer, the Romanian Cultural Institute and the Ilotopie theater group proposed a new form of a public transportation line for Bucharesters: a transportation out of line! For almost a week, three buses belonging to the RATB public transportation

Festival Of Urban Art Architectural Projections

Press ReleaseSeptember 16, 2008 The Artmix Cultural Association (www. artmix. ro) announces the launch of the second Festival of Urban Art Architectural Projections, which will be held in the night of September 20, 2008 as of 10 PM in Constitution Square and University