From The Mountains To The Sea

During autumn and winter, migrating peregrines come to our country from the north, looking for prey in the fields as well. However, the ones who nest here can also be seen in the mountains during the warm season. Another bigger bird of prey, which also lives in rocky regions,

Dogs And Romanians

Mihai Eminescu published an article entitled “What happens when dogs are not looked after” in Curierul de Iasi, no. 129 of 26 November 1876. The text was the following: “D. N. Pascu, deputy-prefect in Dorohoi, was bitten by a rabid dog while strolling on the streets

Generaţia '89

Desfăşurat sub patronajul lui Václav Havel, renumit scriitor şi om politic ceh, proiectul „Generaţia '89, marchează împlinirea a două decenii de la prăbuşirea regimurilor comuniste din Europa Centrală şi de Est. Adresat celor născuţi în anul de trecere

On People And Horses

see photos an interview with Marian Chiseliţe, photojournalist Marian Chiseliţe, 31, has a degree in law but he never went into practice, although he very much wanted to. He had all sorts of jobs, even working as a “transport coordinator dispatcher” for a truck company,

A Canine Epiphany

Mister Kă is closely watching a pair of young-people-not-actually-young-seen-from-up-close, that pair of young-people-in-the-distance-who-look-different-from-up-close, that pair is getting on bus #92, the bus which is taking you, taking everybody, in the direction of the

Losing Endangered Species?

Our domestic fauna is not okay at all: we have 62 endangered species. These are in addition to the dozens of species already lost. Still, when it comes to diversity, we are doing fine: out of all countries we bring the largest number of bio-geographical regions to the European

Carpathian Bear Endangered

Currently, there are some 2,510 Carpathian bears in the Carpathian woods, compared with almost 8,000 registered in 1989. The late Nicolae Ceausescu hunted approximately 4,000 bears while he was the president of Romania. The bear is an endangered species hunted by poachers.

Homeless Bears And “Stupid Idiots”

on the fight between the hulky body of the hunted and the narrow mind of the hunterYou're a stupid idiot!-thus sounded the insult addressed by a desperate man to a taxi driver, before my very own eyes. The text you are about to read is governed by this paradoxically

The Legendary Wolf: A Shy Killer

The one and only wildlife reserve for wolves in Romania is near Zarnesti, Brasov County. Still, it is weird that, in a country where the wolf threat is used to make children behave themselves and Little Red Riding Hood is a fairy tale almost assimilated as folklore, a reserve

The Hunting Museum In Posada: A Sanctuary Of Trophies

see photos I do not believe that anyone could have found a better place, a better lodge for a hunting museum than the one in Posada. Visitors feel this is a wonderful sanctuary of hunting trophies, which, in all likelihood, makes even the most exigent critic happy. In the


Cărţi publicate în Spania în perioada 2005 - 2009, cu sprijinul Institutului Cultural Român (prin programele derulate de Centrul Naţional al Cărţii).

Nr. 71 - toamna 2009

SUMAR Nr. 71 Pagini autobiografice Andreea Canobbio - Presentiment Evgen Bavćar - Berlin: o speranţă rănită Ion Vianu - Mironi, Mitia şi ai lor Sándor Márai - Jurnal (1948), cu o însemnare de Radu Ciobanu Fernando Arrabal - Beckett, o scrisoare Dincolo de eveniment