La Fin Du Monde, Une Histoire Sans Fin

C'est même la fin d'une civilisation. Le monde blanc se meurt. Le monde industriel de souche européenne – un milliard d'hommes, 40% des terres émergées, le quart de l'humanité, 80 à 85% des ressources et près de 99% de la puissance – est en

L’expérience Microphysique Et La Pensée Humaine

CONSIDERATIONS PRELIMINAIRES DU PHENOMENE DE LA CONNAISSANCE ET DE SA PSYCHOLOGIE LOGIQUE L'enthousiasme des nouvelles conquêtes, plutôt des nouvelles aventures de l'avant-garde scientifiques, incite – ce qui est le propre de toute jeunesse – à un certain

De L’influence Française Sur L’esprit Public En Roumanie

INTRODUCTION L'exemple d'influence, que nous nous proposons d'étudier ici, présente des caractères bien particuliers. Il faut bannir de son esprit, pour le bien comprendre, le souvenir de tout autre fait historique que l'on serait tenté de juger analogue.

Femmes Peintres D'Autrefois

Editions Ziarul S. A. 1943 HERRADE DE LANDSBERG Quatre cent vingt ans après la mort de Sainte Odile, le monastère de Hohenbourg, tombé en ruine, délaissé, appauvri, s'éveillera sous les ordres énergiques d'Herrade de Landsberg, une descendante de la noble

The Mioritic Space, 1936

excerpts Cultural Differences The Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox spirits were favorable to different kinds of culture, each for itself and from its part. Catholicism favored the cultural creation that presupposes a massive creative front that is organized in one direction.

Mathesis Or Simple Joys, 1934

excerpt I On cultures of a geometric kind Nowadays in science it is a well known fact that, from the point of view of the form, the whole universe, as well as its parts, can be contained in an expression of the form f (x, y, z). A contemporary scientist even thought that


Twenty years ago, religious people had to hide their inclinations. Otherwise they would have been mercilessly mocked at, because atheism enjoyed, then, a great popularity. It was the time of endless hopes over positivism, over the omnipotence of the scientific postulates,

Two Wonder-Kids And A Female Cannibal

The jurist Matei Monorai lives nearby. If you'd hear him plead in court, you would not hesitate to call him Matei Golden Mouth. Ambrozie is on his way over, to ask Matei to plead for Vornicu, who has been sentenced to death. He arrives. Matei`s kids are playing outside,

The Story Of Pillet

The idea of founding a puppet theatre as a means of improving health education among children, and the relationship between doctors and their little patients came from a long way off. I had read a book by Sergey Obraztsov, one of the best known and appreciated Russian puppeteers.

The Erstwhile Snows

Winters in Ramnicu Valcea were quite mild in those times, though there was plenty of snow (I guess this is the cliché of those whose childhood memories are blurred by their excessive subjectivity); anyway, they unfolded following a certain ritual: at the beginning of December

Save The Danube And Its Delta - Catavencu Academy Association

Governor of Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve AuthorityPresident of Save the Delta-AC Association The association Save The Danube And Its Delta-Catavencu Academy (aka Save the Delta-AC) is a non-governmental organization founded in May 2004, whose purpose is to protect the


excerpts Sulina – named after the chief of a Cossack horde – is the gateway to the Danube. Hereabouts, the grain went out and the gold came in. The key to this gateway passed during the course of time from one pocket to another, after endless battles, by arms and by