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Dear friends,The cultural portal LiterNet () is glad to let you know of the release of a new e-book published by LiterNet: 49. Pentru Gellu Naum / For Gellu Naum (volume coordinated by Iulian Tănase, bilingual edition) From rhymes and games, events and silences a book

Dream, Poetry, Lacework And The Great Congenial

I can almost hear Gellu Naum saying: I fell on the pavement on account of the old tree roots which have heaved it. There was a smell of putrid leaves. And of putrid earth. I could not lift myself up. From somewhere, came a cur of a dog. 'You want grass,' I asked.


André Breton wrote: 'The hereafter, the entire hereafter is in this life. ' So did Gellu Naum, the Romanian surrealist poet born in 1915. Zenobia, which he considers his main work, is one of the most beautiful texts of the surrealist International. Populated with

Gellu Naum

(1. 08. 1915-29. 09. 2001) Gellu Naum (1915-2001) was the only writer pertaining to the historical Romanian surrealist avant-garde who survived, rather untouched but also more or less unheard, the vicissitudes of a half a century of Communist rule. He started publishing

Writers In Troubled Waters

Those writers obsessed by the form, which they do not hesitate to convert into a norm, are too well familiar with the pain that accompanies the process of completing a page in a duly controlled, stylish, manner. Ultimately, one writes on waters, since all messages are, from

Bridge Over Dry Land

This issue is dedicated to some of the most significant bizarre, atypical figures in Romanian literature. Although it consists of a selection of literary sketches and fragments of novels, it can be best described as an anthology of twentieth-century poetic prose, stretching

Apolodor's Travels

excerpts 1The circus tent at Mosh-Mosh fairWas where – tucked in his frigidair –A penguin dwelt without a care. From Labrador he'd landed there.  His name? Apolodor, Esquire. Profession? Singer in the choir. He was no conjurer, therefore,Nor did he walk the tight

When Dream, Play And Innocence Are Serious

Where do I come from? I come from my childhood. I come from my childhood as from a country. Antoine de Saint-Exupery Is fascination with childhood a convention? No, inasmuch as, for most of us, childhood was filled with wonderful things and games, fairy tales and ingenuity,

Insula de Gellu Naum (e-book / html)

CD-ul include piesa de teatru Insula de Gellu Naum, scrisă în limba română, şi traducerea textului în limba franceză, spaniolă, poloneză, germană, italiană şi bulgară. Drepturile de autor pentru textul original: Simona Lefter, Dan Matei Drepturile de autor

Glasul Bucovinei Nr. 3-4 (83-84)/2014

Numărul se deschide cu tradiţionalul Dialog cu bucovinenii. Interlocutorul prof. univ. dr. Ilie Luceac este, de această dată, tânărul interpret bucovinean de muzică populară Ilie Caraş. Pentru Ucraina, anul 2014 a fost anul neliniştilor noastre. Morala minciunii