Gellu naum

Literatură română, râvnită în Polonia: 15 autori traduşi într-un an

Sezonul literar românesc va debuta în Polonia marţi, 3 decembrie, cu lansarea cărţii „Parohia”, de Dan Coman, apărut la editura Universitas în seria „Rumunia dzisiaj” (România astăzi), dedicată literaturii române contemporane şi tradusă de Joanna Kornaś-Warwas.

Gellu Naum – 100

Ediție dublă, în limbile franceză și engleză, publicată în parteneriat cu Fundația „Gellu Naum” Albumul apărut la centenarul poetului, în 2015, foarte bine primit de lumea culturală românească, este acum disponibil, grație parteneriatului dintre ICR

My Insects

My insects have devoured all the peopleAnd on the deserted streets of the city They are parading the spiders and the locusts Are the most constantine They've got perfect serums in wiresAnd are pricking the statue of the magical brother In their hands they carry the

I Had Entered The Forest

I had entered the forest With other forests on my shoulders My knees were shiningAnd maybe their love was everything Then I told the birds You birdsLet us play phoenixes for whomIn our grey cutaways Above us the sun shook its maneThen night fell in my mouth Translated

Eagles On Holiday

In August when the sky fills with bullsAn eagle comes down in the neighborhood And lets me know from the first phone call that he's coming to see me An admirable pyromaniac haunted by firesAnd black serenity covering his feathersHe comes upset by the foreboding of

Biodiversity Protection Beyond 2010

The real chance that Romania has to shelter the most numerous populations of bears, wolves, chamois and lynxes (almost 33,800 species of animals, out of which 33,085 are invertebrate and 707 are vertebrate) is what inspired us to extend this invitation to the world. The


by Saşa Pană (1902-1981); Gellu Naum (1915-2001); Ion Vinea (1895-1964); Geo Bogza (1908-1993); B. Fundoianu (Fondane) (1898-1944); Gherasim Luca; D. Trost; Ilarie Voronca (1903-1946); Integral; F. Brunea; Ion Călugăru; M. H. Maxy (1895-1971); Paul Păun; Virgil Teo

The Eroticized Universe

The Bucharest Surrealist Group1939-1947* […] Madness, black humor, dreams, eroticism, revolt: if one cannot speak of Unu (One) and Alge (Algae) as surrealist magazines in the strict sense, these themes indicate however the increasing attraction of a number of Romanian


(excerpt) (…)Utility, beautiful, good, value – what are they good for? We only have to strip the object of all these cretinized uniforms. Sometimes I catch myself providing it with them. Then the object looks crippled, fettered. The force of habit, this idiotic habit

1940-1947. The Romanian Surrealist Group

The message addressed to international surrealism. Theoretical contributions and techniques proposed by the Romanian surrealists Between 1938-1940, two young Romanian poets, Gellu Naum and Gherasim Luca, were in Paris – Naum to study philosophy, and Luca as the precarious

The 20th Century - The Century Of Avant-Garde

The year 1900. Europe's countries are divided on the question: does the 20th century begin in 1900 or in 1901? Some opt for 1900, by virtue of the change in the figure of the hundreds. Others are partisans of 1901, for reasons of more sophisticated arithmetic. Particular

P.S. With Victor Brauner (This Is How I Would Like To Write)

With immense delicacy and great scrupulousness he [Gellu Naum] would each time talk about Victor Brauner – the friend from his youth years he had met on the occasion of an exhibition opened at Mozart Hall in Bucharest. It was 1935. The twenty-year old youth, Gellu Naum,